A way to acculturate your teams to Artificial Intelligence...A way to make them actors of the change

Do You Speak AI? 40 concepts to understand and learn what is Artificial Intelligence


AI has become a buzzword, but above all, it has become a concept affecting us all in our working and personal lives. The developments of the last few years around AI make it a key toolbox for companies today. It is, therefore, essential that actors from the business world, education, communities, etc., understand what lies beneath the word “Artificial Intelligence”.

Before the workshops, to acculturate your business referents, to encourage a culture of innovation, Do You Speak AI? invites you to a fun and educational course accessible to all.

Acculturating your teams to artificial intelligence

A global training path  to appropriate the key concepts of AI. :

  • E-learning course mix  of visuals, videos and quizzes
  • Animation of the training delivery : Expert Time to exchange and improve the learning, Ideation session to use the new knowledge to work on use cases, challenges to learn and play.....  

Do you want to acculturate your teams to AI concepts and thus distil an operational culture of innovation within your organisation?

The Do You Speak AI training path – 40 concepts to learn and understand what is AI are the lever!

A global way to learn based on workshops and an e-learning course for acculturation and immersion in the world of Artificial Intelligence: 40 concepts presented in an educational and operational manner to let everyone to appropriate them.

In autonomous mode or led by us, this fun and immersive acculturation campaign will instil a spirit of innovation within your teams.

Understanding AI through concrete applications

Dive into the core of AI in a dedicated environment.

  • Real immersion in the world of AI and its fields of application
  • Virtual training accessible at any time
  • Popularised content to let everyone to grasp the concepts
  • Content accessible in three languages (French, English, Spanish)
  • Tracking scores and developments
  • Dynamic training via the forum and discussions with experts ("30 minutes to talk about")
  • Accessible in a private space on an LMS (Learning Management System) platform, employees can access content freely.

A program adapted to your context and your ownership issues

From the learning platform to customised involvement, we adapt to your discovery needs.

> A private space on an LMS platform containing the Do You Speak AI? course. You can access statistics and login information to track your employees’ progress.

> A self-service acculturation course or one run by our Do You Speak AI? teams. Available in three languages (French, English, Spanish): five training modules, from basic to expert level, with dynamic content, examples of use cases, links to learn more, videos of our experts, quizzes, and with diplomas and certifications at the end. Many educational tools to encourage employee immersion

> A "Challenge us" workshop included in the package to allow you to challenge us on your use cases

> Acculturation courses in three formats:

  •   Light package: running the forum
  •   Medium package: running the forum and discussions with experts (“30 minutes to talk about”)
  •   Full customised pack  for example as a “AI Month,” with daily involvement, running the forum and discussions with experts or a 3 three months training program with an "Expert Time" after each course and an ideation workshop to finalize the training....We work together to define the best way to be successful.
  • We could also help you to create an AI Ambassadors Communauty, network of knowledge closed to our business actors.