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Inetum activities in Singapore​

An extended catalog of services and software solutions. ​

In Singapore, we have a versatile team of experts available to assist you in your different projects from strategy design to integration and support. We integrate as well our in-house solutions developed by our innovation teams such as insurance CRM and core systems, chatbot, document lifecycle management, water management, etc. We also have a dedicated SAP solutions team.​

I) Services​

  • Strategy and Consulting services​
  • Digital Transformation​
  • Digital Banking Solutions​
  • Agile Methodologies​
  • Project and Change Management Expertise​
  • IT Delivery Transformation:​
  • DevOps​


    • Migration to Cloud ​
    • Process Automation:​
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)​
    • Smart Data:​
    • Machine Learning / AI​
    • Big Data​
    • Data Analytics​
    • System Integration and Support Activities​
    • Service Center for SAP

    II) Software solutions​

    • BotFoundry: Our Chatbot solution ​
    • Cleva: Our insurance core system solution​
    • Traviata: Our insurance CRM solution​
    • B-Doc: Our Entreprise solution for document lifecycle management​
    • X7:  Water management solution​
    • WMS Wareflow: Our WMS solution

    Key figures

    We are more than 20 consultants in the city-state supporting our clients in different industries such as Banking and Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Chemicals, Fragances...​






    Major references

    Inetum in Singapore

    Recruiting local talent​

    Since the opening of our office in 2017, we have been strenghtening our presence in Singapor by recruiting local talent.​

    Why joining us ?​

    Take advantage of a new rich professional experience.​

    Variety of challenging projects, career development, international team, commitment to values, work life balance are the reasons you should join us! ​

    ​​Variety of challenging projects, Career development, International team, Commitment to values, Work life balance are the reasons you should join us! 

    Challenging projects ​
    We are offering innovative projects within our prestigious clients. From Digital Transformation, Application Development, Cloud Migration, Business Intelligence Implementation to CyberSecurity, we are committed to offer you challenging projects. ​
    Career Development
    Your career growth is what matters to us. We will provide you a career management support and in-house trainings to help you achieve your goals.
    International Environment
    Singapore is well-known for its diversity of cultures, so is our team. You will have the opportunity to be part of an international team! And if moving to another country is something that you are interested in, Inetum is based in more than 26 countries and support its employees who would like to have an International mobility.
    Commitment to values 
    We believe in Ambition, Innovation, Commitment, Team Spirit and Social Responsibility. ​
    Work-life balance 
    At Inetum Singapore, we are fully committed to provide you with a good Work-life balance by staying connected with you. ​

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility​

    Bring the best of yourself.​

    We aim to offer a fulfilling working environment and we encourage inclusion and diversity in our team. ​

    At Inetum Singapore, we believe in our people. ​

    We have a strong commitment to ensure our working environment is inclusive to all, and each of us can bring the best of themselves to the team. Inclusion and diversity are part of our culture and core values. ​

    We are committed locally to the Fair Consideration Practices.​

    We are very proud of the efforts we put in to promote this mindset and how they enrich the overall employee experience. It just shows that every person can make a difference. We embrace diversity as a source of innovation, creativity and competitive advantage.​

    Corporate Governance and Management Transparency​

    Constant review of our management systems, strengthen internal controls and strive for timely and appropriate information disclosure as part of efforts to fulfill the company’s social responsibilities.​

    Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance

    Ensure all executives and employees uphold a sense of responsibility, fairness and high ethical standard, and always act in accordance with the law to build the trust of our Singapore community.​

    Start your new career journey with us​

    We organize your welcome so that you feel comfortable from the first day of your arrival.​

    Start your new career journey with us!

    At Inetum Singapore, our priority is to provide you everything you need to start your new career with us. ​

    Before joining us, you will feel already part of our team. You will know what to expect for your first day and for the first few weeks with us (project, onboarding events…).​

    During your first day, you will receive your Inetum Welcome pack (Goodies, Access Card…) to settle in and understand more about our culture and values.​

    During your first week, you will meet Inetum Singapore team during a breakfast/lunch. It will be the opportunity for you to introduce yourself and meet all the great members of our team!​

    After your first month, you will be fully onboarded (intranet, medical coverage information, training platform, etc.). ​

    Mobility Program​

    Take advantage of our internal career mobility program.​

    We offer career internal and international development opportunities through transition within the Inetum Group.​

    As part of our career management program, we are fully committed to provide everything you need for your career development. ​

    Inetum Singapore has a strong internal and international career mobility program. ​

    To achieve your career goals, we encourage open communication about your career aspirations and your skills evolution to build a career development program.​

    You will have access to all our open positions within the Group and we will support you during your mobility project. ​

    To enhance your skills and knowledge, we will support you by developing and adapting your skillset to accomplish your professional career evolution. ​

    Inetum is a big family!​

    The best about working at Inetum ​

    "I have been working for Inetum for almost 4 years. I have been empowered to work with one of the best French Bank in Singapore, giving the resources to successfully meet the client’s expectations. What I like the most is that @Inetum, I am given the opportunity to grow inside the company with responsibilities (CHO) in respect with my workload. Not the least, our birthdays and all happy news of our life are celebrated. And we can find an ear or a shoulder within the group whenever needed. This is not just a company it is a family"

    Alvine AGBO – PMO and Chief Happiness Officer ​

    "When I first joined Inetum Singapore 3 years ago, I was in charge of the Finance. Gradually my responsibilities grew and I was promoted Managing DIrector last year. The support from my Management really demonstrated trust and ambition to empower me in this challenging and exciting journey. I am very proud to be part of this International group in which your commitment and engagement are rewarded!​"

    Christelle TILHAC – Singapore Managing Director​

    "Inetum Singapore gave me the opportunity to pursue my career and growth in an international financial institution in Singapore. I am glad to be part of that small but growing and expanding team that will extend its presence in South East Asia in the coming years. What an exciting time to join Inetum and be part of the adventure !"

    Emre BARDA – Service Delivery Manager / Senior Project Manager​

    "Inetum has a very professional and customer focused team. As a consultant working with them to satisfy client needs, I felt that they fully supported my service delivery. Inetum group took my concerns quite seriously and helped me to find the right workplace for me.​"

    Menaka BALASUNDARAM – Senior Project Manager ​

    "I got the opportunity to join Inetum Singapore 3 years ago, and from day one I have been introduced to my colleagues who have been a good support/coach from day one and becoming close friends. We are growing up and learning together on the various challenges offered on client assignments. ​

    Inetum Singapore is a small structure close to their employees and able to adapt to each profile. You are not at number in the company, you are part of the family."

    Pauline SOUPAULT – Senior Project Manager ​

    A four step recruitment process to ensure that our mutual expectations are aligned.​

    • Application
    • Screening
    • Interviews
    • Offer

    • From your online application to the offer, our HR team is dedicated to provide you with the best candidate experience. 
    • Once we receive your application, we will review your skills, your experiences and your aspirations.  If we detect that your profile is a good fit, we will invite you for a set of interviews in order to get to know each other better. 
    • If you are selected, we will make you an interesting offer to make you part of the family.​ Feedbacks matter to us.
    • You will receive one promptly either you are selected or not. ​