Chronotime Workplace Med

Chronotime Workplace Med

Facilitates time and activity management for hospitals

Manage medical & non-medical time with Chronotime Workplace​

Time management is essential for efficiency and operational management in hospitals. ​

Ensuring the continuity of care, improving the daily lives of practitioners and staff, improving the level of service and peace of mind... the time management tool is a strong and unifying vector of satisfaction. ​

Chronotime Workplace is a modular solution that allows you to manage medical and non-medical time together or separately according to the needs of your establishment.

A new experience in hospital time management for continuity of care

Chronotime Workplace manages medical and non-medical time with the same tool to ensure continuity of care.

Get your staff actively involved and ensure continuity of care with Chronotime Workplace. Manage medical and non-medical time together with the same application or separately depending on your needs

A guide to hospital scheduling

Chronotime Workplace, a new time-management experience for hospitals

A new way to experience time management in hospitals ​

  • View medical and non-medical time on the same schedule​
  • Operate the duty roster​
  • Reduce the administrative burden of Human Resources and Medical Affairs​
  • Pay attention to regulatory aspects

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Easier IS integration

A comprehensive web-service solution for hospitals

Choose Chronotime Workplace and get:​

  • A full web-service architecture that facilitates integration into each Information System ​
  • A solution adaptable to any IT strategy​
  • Compatible with Postgre, Microsoft and Oracle databases​
  • Works under the two main server OSs on the market: Linux & Windows​
  • Accessible on all iOS and Android devices ​
  • Works with all payroll systems used in hospitals

Advanced sector-specific functionalities

Chronotime Workplace covers a wide range of functions to meet the needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Manage medical time with Chronotime Workplace​

  • Schedule time and activities – on duty, on call, day shifts, private practice...​
  • Use the practitioner search function to fill in your schedules.​
  • Service roster, on-call & leave request forms are available for practitioners when they’re not on site.​
  • Manage the different profiles: student, lecturer, member, single member...​
  • Manage travel​

Manage non-medical time with Chronotime Workplace​

  • Manage absences: absence portal, workflow...​
  • Manage and calculate time: bonuses, legal & conventional guarantees...​
  • Schedule activities: management chart, scheduling functions​
  • Benefit from a summary and overall view: HR dashboards, decision-makers...​

Your time and activity management solution for companies and public organisations​

100% customizable rollout​

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More than 30 years of expertise in Healthcare. ​

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For the past 30+ years, the Inetum Group's Software Business Line has been strategically positioned to differentiate itself as a provider of business software applications for the Public Sector, Health & Social, Supply Chain, Insurance & Finance, and Civil Security, as well as cross-functional Time & Activity Management and Digital Document Management solutions. In total, more than 50 business software products!

Inetum participates in Santé Expo

Santé Expo is France's leading trade fair

Meet us at Santé Expo! ​

Santé Expo is France's leading trade fair for ICT, information systems and e-healthcare. It takes place from 7 to 9 October 2020 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles (hall 1).​

Inetum participates to this event as a software provider (solutions dedicated to clinical research, time management, etc.) and integrator (support for healthcare IT projects, care coordination in particular). ​

At the centre of the Healthcare ecosystem, Inetum has for many years benefited from its expertise in major projects country-wide (DMP, RASS, etc.) as well as with the regional operators and healthcare producers (GHT).​

Our highlights​

  • To discuss your challenges and discover our solutions, meet our experts at stand I56.​

  • On Thursday 8 October from 3.15 to 4 pm, come and attend our conference on “eHealth and Clinical Research: New Opportunities for all Hospitals” on Agora e-Healthcare​