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Key Figures

We position ourselves as the Business Partner Services & Solutions for our Clients.

We ensure effective program planning, management and delivery with Agile best practices to build comprehensive business cases and solution scopes to drive transformations and focus on hitting our customers core business objectives.


Employees in EGY


Employees in UAE


Establishment of working in EGY


Establishment of working in UAE

Key Figures​

Professional Services​

  • Business & Operation Consulting​
  • Agile Development​
  • Turnkey Delivery​
  • Infrastructure and data centers transformation​
  • Outsourcing Services ​


  • Building Deeper Skills​
  • Diversified Background​
  • Multilingual​
  • Domain Expertise and technological skills centres​
  • Nearshore (Egypt, Morocco, India)​
  • Focus on Key Solutions ​
  • Telecom / IT Industry ​
  • Service Centres

Business Solutions​

  • Digital Enablement (Customer Experience, Big Data, CVM, AI, Robotics, IoT, Digital Channels, etc.)​
  • Revenue Management​
  • Customer Management ​
  • Partner/Supplier Management​
  • Enterprise App Integration​
  • Enterprise Solutions

Our Offices


Our offices are located in two major cities: Dubai and Cairo.


  • Business and Operation Consulting ​
  • Application Services ​
  • Infrastructure Services​
  • Business Solutions and Software​

Join a dynamic and diverse culture

The insurance to acquire new skills and benefiting from numerous advantages. 

At Inetum Middle East we pride ourselves on our unique dynamic and diverse culture, that is warm, young, highly motivated, focused yet organized.​

Joining Inetum you would receive multiple benefits, where we heavily invest in training and we ensure that our team members learn a new skill every quarter. Also included would be medical insurance, travel, Career advisory, coaching and more. Inetum has always been developing culture of appreciation so we apply different schemas of rewarding and recognition being truly applied.​

At Inetum we are Keeping Trustworthy mutual ways of communications and feedback is essential for retaining our resources and increase their engagement and productivity. 

Our Onboarding Process

At Inetum Middle East we are eager to provide our newcomers with interactive and efficient induction and onboarding process.

Here in Inetum Middle East we are starting the onboarding process with a welcome gift for the new comer, moving forward to a tour in our primesis introducing the different Departments and team members. 

Followed with HR induction session about the tools and applications we are using internally.

And finally a position related induction with the direct manager and other stackholders the position holder need to communicate with.  

Career Path

We encourage mobility and career progression.

Inetum provides its employees with international mobility opportunities. Discover our International Mobility Program.​

Requests are studied to respond to operational and development prospects of the Group.​

In Inetum Middle East, we provide our employees with a career advisory and career progression paths, using career differential model identifying the skills, competencies and capabilities for each level and profession. ​

HR Support of employees

A major function of human resources management scope of work is not simply limited to managing administrative functions. Our HR professionals works actively to safeguard the interest of employees and create a positive work environment for them. Our HR team serves as a link between management team expectations and employee needs so that a fine balance is maintained. ​

Training and Development

We identify training needs to fill skills and areas for improvement.

At Inetum Middle East we provide our employees with the needed trainings (interpersonal and technical) in order to make them capable and ready to achieve the company goals.

Our training needs assessment process built depending on two annual cycles of performance management system, that identifies the skill gabs and areas of enhancements. We also encourage to suggest all the training subjects that will assist them in their career path.


Mahmoud Sabry – Oracle Middleware Development Team Leader

"When I first joined Inetum Egypt a year ago, I was responsible for development of Oracle middleware's stack in the backend. Gradually my responsibilities grew and I was promoted team lead, my request for more resources was responded to gracefully, my team grew with additional amazing calibers. The support from Management has always been there in decent demonstrative way. I'm proud to be part of this International group, where there is big potential for growth either on personal or organizational levels.​"

We motivate talents.

At Inetum Middle East we are focused on high added value benefits to motivate and retain its talents.​

Inetum employees benefit from family medical insurance covering the employee, spouse, and 2 kids.​

We also rely on a partnerships with local providers in Cairo and Dubai to enhance our benefits portfolio to include other employee services like (purchases installments, promotion vounchers, and travel offers and discounts).​

Working from Home: Since the COVID crisis, WFH has gradually taken its place in our collaborative uses while respecting the internal rules and protocols in place.

Happy Inetum

Friendly atmosphere to ensure better welfare to work.

At Inetum Middle East we appreciate the quality of life and we are keen to give our employees the best experience, we promote and maintain a work environment that results in excellence in everything it does by ensuring open communication, respect, recognition, trust, support, well being and satisfaction of its members, both, personally and professionally.

Recruitment Process

At Inetum Middle East we are keen to put in place a well organized and time efficient hiring process that ensure getting the right caliber, in the designed time frame.​

Come on and join our family, please see the opportunities we offer.

Sourcing: our HR team finds the best talents throughout the different sourcing channels (LinkedIn, referrals, and other social media platforms).​

Selection: selection process starts with filtering all the candidates applications, and moving the matching candidates to a pre-screening calls with HR team and technical managers. Followed with HR and technical interviews.​

Offering and feedbacks: our HR team keen to deliver feedbacks for each stage the candidate participate in, and once the selection is done, they communicate the job offers to the selected candidates to start the onboarding and induction.