Inetum has created Inqad

Inetum has created Inqad

To support relief efforts for victims of the Al Haouz earthquake, in collaboration with the Mohammed V Foundation, Inetum has created Inqad, a technological platform that combines innovation, humanity and solidarity.

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In response to the Al Haouz earthquake that recently hit Morocco, Inetum is continuing its actions to help the Moroccan people. With over 800 local employees, Inetum is committed to a number of solidarity initiatives. In partnership with the Mohammed V Foundation, Inetum Morocco has leveraged its expertise in application development to create a dedicated digital platform called "Inqad". This tool aims to support the Ministry of the Interior and the Mohammed V Foundation, in the management of humanitarian aid to people affected by the earthquake.

Inqad, a cutting-edge, intuitive platform with numerous advantages

Inqad is an extremely intuitive and qualitative tool developed by 15 highly committed Inetum Morocco engineers, developers and business analysts. The aim of this platform is to facilitate and organize aid initiatives led by the Minister of the Interior and the Caïds responsible for the different communes. Inqad encourages improved coordination and cooperation by covering the entire process, from the identification of the various needs to their fulfillment. The Inqad platform provides access to a map of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake, where needs in terms of aide are collected directly from the affected populations. These needs are then recorded by a local correspondent reporting to the Ministry of the Interior, validated by a superior, and forwarded to the Foundation's teams who will rapidly provide beneficiaries with assistance. This rapid process, completed in just a few clicks, facilitates the efficiency and targeting of humanitarian efforts.

The development has been made possible in partnership, of course, with the Mohamed V Foundation, but also with Inwi, which hosts the platform, Maroc Telecom, Morocco's Agence de la Conservation foncière et du Cadastre, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency and local authorities.

The user journey has been designed for maximum simplicity:

  • On the one hand, to request aid, it is necessary to simply log on to the platform, register aid requirements by province and geographical area, and specify the type of aid required (humanitarian aid, medical intervention, logistical support, etc.) and quantity required.

  • On the other hand, the support process is facilitated by a map and tracking system to ensure the best possible response to needs. The platform makes it possible to visualize needs by zone, and also to identifying them by category. Finally, it is possible to track the evolution of these needs, from their creation to delivery.

Thanks to Inetum's expertise, the Group was able to develop a high-quality technological platform in a very short timeframe. This concrete action was driven by the solidarity shown from the day of the earthquake through various initiatives set up within the Group, by the commitment of its local teams, and by the urgency of the situation.

“We are honored to contribute to this movement of solidarity by offering this cutting-edge emergency platform, in partnership with the Mohammed V Foundation, thus leaving a positive and lasting impression on the lives of those we bring help to. Our shared ambition is to make Inqad a catalyst for positive change and solidarity, a symbol of the impact that each and every one of us can have at our own level to support the Moroccan people through this difficult time and help them to reconstruct. As a responsible digital player, Inetum is proud of the innovative spirit and commitment of the engineers involved in this project”, states Imad Haddour, Global Area Manager Africa at Inetum.

About Inetum:

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