Tourism and Culture


Pepper is a key asset at the heart of tomorrow's tourism and culture. Attractive and friendly, it manages the reception of your clients and visitors in the different areas of your establishment. With its 15 spoken languages, it is your ideal sidekick! Discover the different positions embodied by Pepper and the associated services through the practices of our current clients: ​

​Tourist adviser​

In tourist areas, information points are very busy areas. Pepper is a productive relay capable of relieving your staff and responding to requests with reactivity. It allows you to :​

  • Receive and guide travellers in 15 different languages,​
  • Present and disseminate information guides and brochures by simply sharing them,​
  • Answer your visitors' frequently asked questions,​
  • Announce the program of upcoming activities and ongoing festivities,​
  • Capture all the attention, big and small, through anecdotes and stories presented by Pepper,​
  • Propose "ready-to-use" visit itineraries to facilitate discovery,​
  • Test and cultivate the knowledge of your visitors through quizzes animated by Pepper,​
  • Offer surveys to improve your users' experience and enrich your service offerings.

Museum and cultural sites agent

In order to meet the expectations of both exhibitors and visitors, Pepper can offer different routes that help for building an emotionally rich experience to : ​

  • Accompany your visitors from the reception desk for last-minute communications,​
  • Transform waiting time into time saved through the dynamic management of visit themes,​
  • Highlight through dedicated features and information not to be missed,​
  • Propose tour itineraries by theme or adapted according to the context of the visit (families, groups of adults, etc.),​
  • Lead your visitors to new works on display through fun activities dedicated to noteworthy pieces,​
  • Liven up your creative workshops to encourage the autonomy of participants and facilitate the task of coordinators,​
  • Develop playful discovery through “intellectual treasure hunts” where Pepper is in charge of giving answers and assistance to participants,​ 
  • Promote the highlighting of available services for an enhanced visitor experience,​
  • Ensure optimal satisfaction through surveys and opinions for which Pepper facilitates data collection,​
  • Improve your cultural and service offers through natural exchanges with Pepper for a more detailed analysis of people’s visiting habits and expectations.

Hospitality agent

With the ability to engage your customers from around the world and perform productive tasks, Pepper excels in the hospitality industry. Both a technological tool and an “employee” capable of being present for your customers 24 hours a day, you can use it to: ​

  • Present the services available in your establishment,​
  • Guide your customers in the discovery of your different areas,​
  • Propose places of tourist interest (hotels, restaurants, museums) according to the expectations and aspirations of your customers, ​
  • Enhance your customers stay with proposals adapted to their expectations (jogging circuits, access to gyms, etc.),​
  • Collect customer feedback to improve your service offering and increase your notoriety on social networks,​
  • Show maps of your catering areas and offer table reservations directly to your guests.

​Theme park host​

With Pepper, meet your customers' expectations by providing them with a versatile adviser and guide who can communicate interactively. This enables you to: ​

  • Welcome your visitors in an original way, thanks to Pepper and its ability to speak in 15 languages,​
  • Guide your visitors through your park and inform them about the services offered,​
  • Suggest activities adapted to the people you are addressing (children's and seniors' routes, etc.),​
  • Broadcast videos promoting your attractions to generate maximum interest and excitement among your visitors,​
  • Let Pepper showcase your attractions, tell stories, and provide access information for sensational rides,​
  • Test the knowledge of your visitors to acculturate them in a playful way,​
  • Collect your customers' opinions, behavioural experiences and suggestions to improve the visitor experience.

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