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Digital Scale Up

Software Engineering Center growth plan



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Software Engineering Center growth plan

The Employment Council of the Principality of Asturias in Spain has published a series of measures to boost employment and stimulate the economy in the Principality. Inetum, which seeks to boost the region's economy, plans to hire at least 20 resources over the next two years by the AS area in the region with this project, Digital Scale Up.

The project is part of the growth and expansion plan of the Software Engineering Center that Inetum has in the Principality of Asturias, with two main objectives:

1. Bringing digital public services closer to citizens through:

  • a. The creation of applications that allow to personalize the relationship with the citizen
  • b. The simplification and transparency of administrative procedures
  • c. Increased efficiency through digitization and automation of processes, complying with current regulations on interoperability and securitization of public data

2. Contribute to the modernization and digitization of the services offered by the companies that make up the industrial fabric of Asturias.

The contracted personnel will aim to work on those digital transformation projects that contribute to an increase in efficiency and reduction of costs associated with environmental impact. 

In addition, Inetum has implemented teleworking, which avoids a large number of trips, helps to reduce traffic congestion and helps to reduce atmospheric emissions. To these benefits should be added the reduction in the consumption of raw materials.

Software Engineering Center in the Principality of Asturias


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