Inetum drives Talgo's digital transformation with Salesforce Sales Cloud B2B

Inetum drives Talgo's digital transformation with Salesforce Sales Cloud B2B

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Inetum drives Talgo's digital transformation with Salesforce Sales Cloud B2B

Inetum, a leading digital services and solutions company, has powered the digitalization of Talgo, a high-speed train manufacturing company, through Salesforce technology. This strategic partnership marks an important milestone in the digitization and improvement of its sales processes thus addressing key challenges and setting a new standard in the railway industry.

Inetum's implementation of Sales Cloud B2B for Talgo has addressed significant challenges, including the complexity and length of sales cycles, lack of visibility into the process, and the disconnect between collaboration tools. With this solution, Talgo has been able to organize, simplify and maximize visibility throughout the sales cycle, ensuring full control and accessibility to information at every stage.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Talgo on this digital transformation journey," explains Manuel Garcia Gonzalo, Director of Strategy and Business Development Salesforce at Inetum. "Salesforce Sales Cloud B2B has not only optimized Talgo's sales process, but also improved internal collaboration and operational efficiency, which is critical in such a competitive market."

The implemented solution enables complete visibility into the sales process by role with native Salesforce analytics, seamless integration between Salesforce and Microsoft 365, and improved documentation management and collaboration. In addition, future plans include the addition of Inetum's Einstein solution for contact and activity automation, and the use of generative AI for extensive document analysis and synthesis, further strengthening Talgo's position in the market.

"This collaboration with Inetum and the implementation of Sales Cloud B2B represents a step forward in our digitization and continuous improvement strategy," comments Jesús Vico Serrano, head of IT Development at Talgo. "The improvement in visibility, control and efficiency that we have experienced represents a significant advance for us, strengthening our ability to serve our customers more effectively and stay at the forefront in terms of innovation."

This success story was presented at Salesforce World Tour Madrid, a gathering of professionals dedicated to showing how artificial intelligence can unleash the full potential of technology to improve the Customer Experience in a totally secure and reliable way, and where Inetum has been present for yet another year.

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