Martínez-Almeida inaugurates the new headquarters of Inetum

Martínez-Almeida inaugurates the new headquarters of Inetum

Inetum boosts the capital's technological profile

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The mayor visits the facilities of the headquarters of the IT company providing digital services and solutions, a focus of talent recruitment in the region: over 800 hires so far this year and is looking for another 400 digital profiles before the end of 2022. With a workforce of 4,000 people in Madrid and more than 27,000 employees in 27 countries, Inetum is committed to a hybrid and flexible work model: open spaces that encourage creativity and innovation, without fixed positions and telecommuting combined with presence. The headquarters has several innovation spaces where technological solutions are created for the Community of Madrid and the rest of the country.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, today inaugurated Inetum's new headquarters, accompanied by Matilde García Duarte, general coordinator of the Mayor's Office of Madrid, Francisco de Borja Carabante, delegate of the Environment and Mobility Area, Manuel Alfonso Castro, manager of IAM (Madrid City Council IT), Alfonso Sánchez, managing director of EMT Madrid, and Juan Corro, CIO of EMT Madrid. The official delegation was received by Carlos Muñoz, Corporate VP and General Director of Inetum in Iberia Latam, and Josep Aracil, Director of Government and Public Services.

In this way, Inetum formalizes the opening of its new offices in the capital, promoting with the inauguration of this center (which exceeds 9,500 m2 and 900 flexible jobs) the technological and disruptive profile that Madrid has been acquiring in recent years. Located in María de Portugal, the headquarters also promotes the paradigm shift in the workplace model that the company is developing and implementing (WOW - New Way of Working) to combine the best of the traditional model with new ways of working, always under the premises of flexibility, trust and mutual commitment between the company and professionals.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, thanked "the commitment that Inetum has shown to the city of Madrid for more than 25 years: Madrid has undergone a great transformation precisely over the last 25 years in which you have been not only witnesses but key players because the evolution and transformation of the city of Madrid can only be understood from the drive and dynamism of society as a whole, particularly from companies".

For his part, Carlos Muñoz, Corporate VP & General Manager of Inetum in Iberia Latam, stressed that "the opening of this new headquarters exemplifies our desire to turn Spain in general and Madrid in particular into a focus of attraction and loyalty of digital talent. We are firmly committed to training local talent, generating employment and a positive impact on the environment in which we operate".

In fact, Inetum has a total workforce in Madrid of close to 4,000 people, who develop projects for leading companies in all economic sectors. So far this year, the company has already incorporated more than one thousand profiles in Madrid this year and is looking for another 100 professionals before the end of 2022, with a focus on developers, SAP consultants and security engineers. These new offices and the growth of the workforce in Madrid are part of the company's commitment to talent, with some 1,900 new hires throughout Spain in 2022, joining the current team of more than 7,000 professionals in Spain.

Laboratory of ideas for the entire country

The mayor and the rest of the personalities have been able to see first hand some of the most differential spaces of this headquarters. Muñoz has shown the FabLab of Madrid, one of the seven that the company has worldwide and the only one in Spain, where Inetum addresses new business challenges with a focus on experimentation, in collaboration with its main customers. Together with this FabLab, they visited Bentospace, the space where Inetum and the main technological leaders imagine the future of the workplace.

The headquarters also houses the Engineering Services Center, which develops products oriented to transportation, digital identity or Openpayment. Here, patents are continuously created: value-added products that are reinforced with alliances with companies in the Community of Madrid, contributing to the growth and improvement of the region's industrial fabric. With this center, the company has put a special focus on the development of platforms that cover the entire business cycle of customers in sectors such as healthcare, transport and defense.

Finally, they were able to check the operation of Inetum's Security Operations Center (SOC), which belongs to the National Network of Security Operations Centers; and which performs functions of prevention, monitoring, surveillance and response to cyber-attacks, and management of security solutions, in addition to offering identification, analysis and fraud prevention services.

Digital employee & hybrid and flexible model

The new headquarters in Madrid is an example of the new work model implemented by Inetum. Thus, the WOW strategy is born with the digital employee, who has at his disposal the necessary resources and tools to perform his work from different places without forgetting that the presence is key in the cohesion of the teams, social interaction, the learning process, networking with other professionals of the company, the sector, the associative and technological fabric. Therefore, this new space materializes the evolution of the workplace to adapt it to this new hybrid and flexible work model with an office concept based on open spaces, without fixed positions, elimination of offices, increase of collaborative areas to promote creativity and multifunctional spaces to make the most of them.

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