Family training with Lointek Gernika KESB

Family training with Lointek Gernika KESB

Inetum's families and players practice basketball

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Training in family with Inetum and Lointek Gernika Bizkaia.

It has been a special day at the Maloste basketball court with the visit of the Inetum family is Spain. Within the collaboration agreements with one of our partners, Gutariko Bat, the technology consulting firm Inetum, their collaborators have come with their families to participate in a special day.

Lointek Gernika has opened its doors this Sunday to receive professionals from Inetum in Spain, in the North terrotory, one of the collaborating companies of the Gernika project. A total of 7 couples formed by Inetum professionals accompanied by their sons or daughters have taken part in a very special day.

First, the Lointek Gernika team has prepared them a training session with some of the basic techniques of bouncing, shooting and passing to enter the world of basketball. Some of them showed their skills and it could be seen that they had either had a past linked to the sport of basketball or were active players.

After this special training, it was time to put into practice the instructions received in the shooting contest in pairs. Two minutes, one for each member of the pair, to score from three different positions to choose from 1-2-3 points. The level was high and at the buzzer a tie was reached between the pair formed by Josu Arana-Noa Arana and Roberto Vega-Asier Vega. The winner was decided in a final that was won by Josu and Noa. There were prizes for the winners: a ball signed by the whole team and a team T-shirt. The runners-up also won a Lointek Gernika team T-shirt. To round off the day, there was a fifth half as in rugby but in this case to regain strength with a lunch.

Inetum, Sponsor of the Lointek Gernika women's basketball team

Gernika KESB is a women's basketball team based in Basque Country (Spain) that plays in the Women's League. Founded in 1996, is one of the teams with options both in the professional league and in the Basketball Queen’s Cup Championship. With this sponsorship, Inetum in Spain confirms its commitment to sport and its values, as well as its support for the presence of women in all professional fields.

Support champions on their way to victory, give people the opportunity to experience exceptional events, and share innovative experiences – these are the main drivers behind our sponsorship policy. With Paris Saint-Germain Handball in France, Sporting Clube indoor football in Portugal, Lointek Gernika Bizkaia women's basketball team in Spain, and others around the world, our support-for-sports organization is part of our quest for performance and shared values – solidarity, ambition, excellence, commitment, and innovation.

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