Inetum is helping the Montpellier metropolitan area to democratise and regulate artificial intelligence

Inetum is helping the Montpellier metropolitan area to democratise and regulate artificial intelligence

Inetum, a player committed to Positive digital flow, is helping the Montpellier metropolitan area to democratise and regulate artificial intelligence

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On 26 May this year, Michaël Delafosse, president of Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and mayor of Montpellier, announced the creation of a "citizen convention" on artificial intelligent in the coming autumn. The aim of this conference is to promote a sovereign, responsible and ethical artificial intelligence by bringing together players from the public and private sectors that work in this technology.

Inetum, an IT services company that understands the benefits and risks of AI

Following the announcement a few months ago by the Montpellier metropolitan area that its employees and suppliers were prohibited from using ChatGPT, Michaël Delafosse and Manu Reynaud, 2nd deputy mayor in charge of the Numerical Sector, are focusing intensely on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and are taking concrete action: this autumn, a "citizen convention" will be launched, and the first use-case trials are already under way in the metropolitan area.

On this occasion, Jean-Paul Muller, Inetum's Global Practice Manager for AI, Dorian Vacher, Head of Innovation in Inetum's Language Domain, and their teams produced a generative AI demonstrator enabling citizens to search for information in the deliberations and minutes of municipal councils, easily and in conversational mode.

The demonstrator was built in just two weeks with the help of the Métropole, in collaboration with local players, and is installed on the University of Montpellier's supercomputers housed at CINES. In addition, and in line with Métropole's expectations, it is not based on a proprietary OpenAI model, as is ChatGPT, but on a community and Open Source model (Open Assistant - Pythia).

Through this project, Inetum and its Innovation teams aim to make Artificial Intelligence accessible and understood by everyone. They support and acculturate organizations and their employees through innovative systems, while raising awareness of the positive yet complex impact of generative Artificial Intelligences.

This "citizens' convention" is the perfect opportunity for elected representatives, scientists, companies, students and the public in general to discuss and mobilize around the issue of AI, to ensure that it represents a real step forward for our society as a whole.

About Inetum, Positive digital flow:

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