Madrid City Council relies on Inetum to improve its management systems

Madrid City Council relies on Inetum to improve its management systems

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Madrid City Council relies on Inetum to improve its management systems

Inetum in Spain has deployed the SAP S/4HANA solution to optimize the integration of the Madrid City Council's systems, in addition to enhancing the mobility of applications and achieving a zero-paper system. This SAP platform serves more than 3.3 million citizens, as well as some 30,000 employees of the municipal administration.

Inetum, a leading company in digital services and solutions, has completed the migration of the SAP Economic and Financial platform of the Madrid City Council to the new version of SAP S4HANA, which will ensure that users have the latest updates and improvements, in an environment that needs speed and demand.

Thus, the company, which has been working with the Madrid City Council since 2004, when it deployed the first version of the SAP Economic-Financial and SAP Human Resources solutions, continues to be linked to the municipal administration with a project that requires constant innovation and improvement of the systems.

In the words of Ángel Fernández Bueno, Deputy General Manager of Corporate Systems at IAM: "With this ambitious project, we are achieving greater integration between the different management systems, improved information and control systems, application mobility, zero paper, etc.". "With all of the above - he adds - one of the most important objectives of the project will be achieved, which is the improvement of the experience of citizens and City Council employees in their relationship with the City Council".

Inetum develops its own methodology - Go2 S/4HANA - for these conversion projects", highlights Ignacio Artiaga, Group VP and SAP BL director for Spain and Latam at Inetum, "which allows us to anticipate and mitigate any risk, ensuring that the projects are carried out within the defined times and costs, to which we add a deep knowledge of the public sector based on many years of experience in the transformation and digitization of the Public Administration".

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