Inetum and MoneyTrack

Inetum and MoneyTrack

Inetum and MoneyTrack join forces to accelerate the digitization of healthcare services for their insurance clients

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Inetum, the European leader in digital services and solutions, and MoneyTrack, a fintech specialized in the targeted payment of healthcare expenses, have signed a partnership agreement to accelerate the digitalization of healthcare services for their insurance clients.

Relying on the Inetum Group's multi-sector expertise in consulting and integration of open-source platforms, combined with their Cleva Insurance solution for the insurance sector, this partnership will provide an optimized customer experience, particularly for supplementary health insurance. Policyholders – whether in France or living abroad – will no longer need to advance all of their healthcare costs related to preventive medicine.

MoneyTrack, the Fintech that is revolutionizing directed payment systems

After several fund-raising events for a total of €5.4 million and financing of €1.3 million from the single interministerial fund (government subsidy to finance innovation and R&D), MoneyTrack has been growing continuously to become the number one startup in the directed-payment market today.

The platform makes use of open insurance management and control of insurance guarantees at the time of transaction to pay money to individuals who can spend it conditionally, within a network of authenticated partners and practitioners.

MoneyTrack offers a mobile payment application for the policyholder and the practitioner that enables interaction between the funder, the beneficiary, and the partners via smart contracts that ensure compliance with spending rules in a secure, verifiable and irrevocable manner.

Inetum integrates the new technology into its Cleva Insurance offer

To support fast and secure third-party payment, Moneytrack joined forces with Inetum's Software division in May 2021 to develop and integrate MoneyTrack's technology into their Cleva Insurance solution. This functional upgrade called On Care lets insurers manage the advance payment of health consultations and automate payments to healthcare professionals.

A mobile third-party payment system that streamlines the healthcare journey

Thanks to this innovative technological partnership, Inetum’s insurance clients that use the Cleva Insurance solution can access a new feature that gives their policyholders:

  1. Access to a network of nearly 2,000 authenticated healthcare practitioners in France, overseas departments, and Europe;
  2. Instant coverage of their healthcare costs in accordance with their policy;
  3. An optimized customer experience thanks to the digitalization of the insurance company’s entire management process: policyholders no longer need to send their invoices to get reimbursed for consultations. They can pay directly with their mobile application.

On the insurers' side, this partnership enables them to:

  • Drastically reduce management costs (identification of beneficiaries, calculation of rights, payment of benefits) and control costs for insurers,
  • Significantly reduce the risk of fraud, including blind payment.

“Through this collaboration with MoneyTrack, Inetum once again demonstrates its commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs and uses of insurance companies and their end customers. We integrate the best players in our ecosystem to develop our solutions with the aim of making them levers of performance and a positive impact for all. With our Cleva Insurance solution and this new feature, we are proud to simplify the patient care journey and management for healthcare stakeholders,” says Rodolphe Peim, Head of Assurance & Finance Software at Inetum.

“Digitalization is accelerating in the payment sector, and for smaller and smaller amounts, which requires a higher level of transaction control. We are pleased to be able to combine our complementary expertise with Inetum's Software division to meet the two major challenges facing insurance companies, namely reducing management costs, and improving the customer experience. By directing the insured customer towards simplified digital journeys, MoneyTrack and Inetum support insurers in their digitalization process,” MoneyTrack CEO Christophe Doré concludes.

About MoneyTrack:

Founded in 2018, MoneyTrack is the number one startup specializing in directed payments. MoneyTrack relies on blockchain technology and mobile payment to digitize, secure and control payment flows. Thanks to its platform developed in partnership with academic research (INRIA, Pôle Universitaire Leonard de Vinci), companies (in the insurance and banking fields), local authorities and institutions can pay money to individuals who will spend it conditionally within a network of authenticated partners. The company has raised €5.4 million since it was founded and now has 23 employees. MoneyTrack supports a dozen independent mutual insurance companies, representing more than 800,000 protected individuals. MoneyTrack has been accredited by Finance Innovation and selected by PwC to be one of the 10 startups in the Scale Insurance 2021 programme.

About Inetum, Positive digital flow:

Inetum is an agile IT services company that provides digital services and solutions, and a global group that helps companies and institutions to get the most out of digital flow. In a context of perpetual movement, where needs and usages are constantly being reinvented, the Inetum group is committed towards all these players to innovate, continue to adapt, and stay ahead. With its multi-expert profile, Inetum offers its clients a unique combination of proximity, a sectoral organisation, and solutions of industrial quality. Operating in more than 27 countries, the Group has nearly 27,000 employees and in 2021 generated revenues of €2.2 billion.

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