Inetum plans to hire 1.900 professionals in Spain

Inetum plans to hire 1.900 professionals in Spain

The Inetum group plans to hire 7,000 employees worldwide by 2022, including 1,900 in Spain.

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Creation date : Seg, 2022-03-28 15:59

With a continuous growth of its activities for more than 10 years, Inetum has made the integration of talent one of the pillars of its growth and its strategic plan to meet the needs of companies and organizations when adapting to the digital flow.

Inetum, European leader in digital services and solutions, is continuously seeking to better identify the needs around digital to meet the current and future expectations of organizations. The Group is pursuing an ambitious recruitment plan in line with market needs and its strategic plan. With UPSCALE23, Inetum confirms its willingness to develop its support for small and medium-sized companies and to further develop its capabilities and next-generation solutions, especially in the fields of cloud, cybersecurity, automation and data analytics.

With 27,000 employees in 26 countries, Inetum is carrying out one of the largest hiring plans in the ICT sector, with 7,000 new hires including 1,900 in Spain, where it started the year with a workforce of more than 6,500 employees. So far in 2022, 387 new hires have already been made in the region and 149 university and vocational training students have joined the company for internships out of the total of 500 planned for this year.

"The development and growth of our professionals are at the heart of our management processes, as well as their training and well-being. To achieve this, we must adapt to the continuous changes in our industry and become the attractive company we are proud to work for. In the current circumstances, we have implemented a flexible work system that allows us to combine personal and professional life, with more than 85% of our staff working remotely," explains Mónica Herrero, Head of People and Talent Operations at Inetum.

A new recruitment mindset for IT services companies

In recent years, and recently with the healthcare crisis, the IT sector has experienced unprecedented growth in hiring needs, corresponding to the accelerating digitization of companies and the daily use of digital technology. To better support organizations in mastering the digital flow, as a lever for positive impact and performance, sufficient and effective recruitment is required to be able to respond to the rapid and constant evolution of customer needs. A constantly evolving context that requires a permanent adaptation to have the necessary skills in all digital professions, including emerging ones. 

The most in-demand profiles correspond to:

  • Developers with different levels of experience (Java Back and/or Fullstack with Springboot and Microservices, and Front profiles with React and Node JS).
  • APPIAN / Abap / Salesforce Developers
  • Java Back / Front / Microservices / API Management / Cloud Architects
  • Microsoft: .NET (C#, Entity Framework...) and Sharepoint (webpart, spfx...)
  • Oracle Database Administrators
  • Security and Communications Engineers with experience in implementing security solutions with Palo Alto and Checkpoint technology.
  • Mobility (IOS - Android)
  • SAP Consultants of different modules / Atlassian / Dynamics 365 CRM 
  • Test automators (UFT / Selenium)

Inetum offers all these profiles a wide variety of projects and multiple opportunities thanks to its multi-sector and ultra-local approach, covering the entire IT and digital value chain. 

An employee experience designed to attract candidates

In order to overcome the shortage of available skills, the growing need for recruitment and the specific nature of the profiles sought, Inetum enhances the employee experience to attract and retain its professionals and help the team grow.

Inetum develops a specific approach for each professional, focusing on the employee experience from the recruitment phase through to onboarding. "We are convinced that quality onboarding reduces employee turnover during the first two years," explains Bruno Da Sola, Global Human Resources Director at Inetum. "The challenge is to offer a quality experience to employees thanks to the proximity strongly anchored in Inetum's culture. We can offer interesting projects in all sectors of activity, to train, increase skills and obtain certifications," adds Bruno Da Sola. 10,000 employees benefited from training or certification in 2021. In 2022, there will be even more thanks to a reinforced professional development policy. In the case of Spain, 3,956 people benefited from training last year in more than 113,000 training hours, leading to 362 certifications. 

Inetum offers to open up new career prospects to candidates so that they can experience their own digital flow within the company, whatever their profession or experience, depending on their technological or sectoral skills. 

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