New Inetum chair in IT Business & Digitalization at Oviedo University

New Inetum chair in IT Business & Digitalization at Oviedo University

The University of Oviedo and Inetum will promote training and research in the field of information technologies and digitalization.

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The University of Oviedo and Inetum in Spain will promote training and research in the field of information technologies and digitalization. Both institutions have signed a collaboration agreement that includes the creation of the Inetum chair in IT business and digitalization. Future actions include the creation of awards and the implementation of dissemination activities that promote the use of technologies in the sustainability and social responsibility market. 

Inetum, a leading European company in IT and digital solutions, and the University of Oviedo have signed today a collaboration agreement for the creation of the Inetum Chair in IT Business and Digitalization, with the aim of promoting the development of professional skills of students in the technology sector. The document was signed by a representative of Inetum's HR deparment and and Ignacio Villaverde, Rector of the University of Oviedo.

The chair will carry out various actions aimed at promoting knowledge of information technologies both to the students of the University of Oviedo and to society as a whole. Specifically, within the framework of the Chair, training and teaching activities will be carried out, including seminars and conferences on topics of mutual interest; prizes and awards will be awarded to outstanding students and the realization of external extracurricular internships at Inetum will be facilitated. In addition, support will also be provided for the completion of end-of-studies projects and scientific and business culture will be disseminated among students, thus facilitating the incorporation of young graduates into the labor market. The chair will also promote the use of technologies within the framework of sustainability and social responsibility.

From the People & Talent area at Inetum in Iberia & Latam, they emphasizes that "the signing of this agreement with the University of Oviedo reaffirms the clear commitment that we make from the company to enhance the capabilities of those who will be the engineers of tomorrow, incorporating a large part of our team of professionals". Furthermore, "it is another step forward in the commitment that Inetum has been making to the region for more than 30 years through its 3 work centers, to the generation of quality employment in the region and to the digitization of the business fabric in the area through our services and solutions".

For his part, Ignacio Villaverde, rector of the University of Oviedo, who attended the signing accompanied by Begoña Cueto, vice-rector for Transfer and Business Relations, explained "this agreement is a great step forward, since, in order to look to the future, university and business must go hand in hand". "The university has the knowledge that the business world needs to face the new challenges that arise in these times of rapid change, we are able to think about the future and to experience it," he said, adding that it is vital to "establish partnerships like the one we are signing today".

Also present at the agreement signing ceremony on behalf of Inetum España were Ángel Alonso, director of the Application Services business line, and Juan Carlos Fernández, northwest regional director. Jorge García García, director of the Transfer and Business Chairs area, also attended on behalf of the University of Oviedo.

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