Inetum strengthens its bidding position in generative AI, with the launch of its “Gen AI Factory”.

Inetum strengthens its bidding position in generative AI, with the launch of its “Gen AI Factory”.

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Inetum strengthens its bidding position in generative AI, with the launch of its “Gen AI Factory”

  • With the launch of its GEN AI Factory, Inetum is stepping up its investment in generative Artificial Intelligence to improve the quality and productivity of services offered to its customers, mainly in the public, financial and energy sectors.
  • Inetum brings together all its expertise to support its customers at every stage of the GenAI project lifecycle, from conception to deployment.
  • To unleash the potential of Generative AI for its customers, this offer is structured around four main areas: assimilation, qualification, prototyping and scaling.
  • This offer is also supported by our partners (Microsoft, IBM and Google), as well as our othr strategic partners (SAP, Salesforce and ServiceNow).

Paris, France – The 10th of April 2024 – Inetum announced the launch of the "GEN AI Factory." This service brings together the expertise of its teams, the innovations of its leading partners in generative artificial intelligence, and the best practices acquired through many years of experience in the field of AI. With this initiative, Inetum reinforces its commitment to collaborative innovation, with the aim of harnessing the full potential of generative artificial intelligence for the benefit of its customers.

Putting the best of artificial intelligence to work for your company

The "Gen AI Factory" plans to make the most of generative AI, stimulating its adoption and amplifying its value across the enterprise through:

  • Support in assimilation, helping teams to choose the most suitable models and technologies.
  • Support in qualifying business challenges and their feasibility, facilitating the selection of technological solutions and architectures, and directing business cases to bring their projects to fruition.
  • Support during the experimentation phase, guiding the use of demonstrators, prototypes and minimum viable products.
  • Support during the scaling-up phase, deploying generative AI solutions with the help of accelerators and partner editors, and implementing proven training methodologies for employees.

"Thanks to our GEN AI Factory, Inetum is able to merge skills from fields as varied as consulting, expertise, integration, support and maintenance. Inetum has developed real know-how with customers in the insurance and banking sectors, based on major use cases. Our GenAI solutions offer distinctive expertise for a variety of scenarios, including accessibility, the integration of chat agents for customers and employees, and the deployment of co-driver solutions." Cédric Fernandez, COO Solutions Global Business Line at Inetum.

Stepping up investment in generative AI

Inetum, as a pioneer in generative AI, has implemented a training program entitled "Do you speak Gen AI?" Aimed at increasing the skills of all 28,000 employees in this field, this fun, accessible program, available in several languages, enables employees to continually improve their skills. Inetum has created and made available to all its employees GenAI Playground, a secure generative AI platform based on GPT models, enabling them to practice prompting. It is now an integral part of Inetum employees' daily work.

By investing in generative AI, Inetum is anticipating future market trends. Thanks to this initiative, Inetum's employees are in a position to design advanced technological solutions, enabling comprehensive support for their customers, and thus helping to create sustainable value.

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