Our mission is to help Tunisian companies get the most out of the digital flow

Our mission is to help Tunisian companies get the most out of the digital flow

Our mission is to help Tunisian companies get the most out of the digital flow

Inetum has continued to pursue its strategy of focusing on the local market and its mission to help Tunisian companies master the digital flow.


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Interview Patrice Gautier - DG Inetum in Tunisia answers the questions of Entreprises Magazine.

1. You had said that for Inetum in Tunisia, 2021 will be the year of consolidation of your local strategy by affirming your positioning to help your customers to get the best of the digital flow. The year has just ended, what about the achievement of this objective?

At the beginning of 2021, we started three new areas of expertise to complement our Group know-how: the integration of SAP ERP; an HR IS solution for which we have exclusive sales and integration rights on the Tunisian market; and our Performance & Transformation division dedicated to business architectures and their modernisation. These three areas complemented our local capacity to develop specific solutions on the one hand, and to broaden our response to ERP needs on the other; we were already addressing small and medium-sized companies with the SAGE solution. Now SAP allows us to meet the requirements of large companies or more specialised needs. In this sense, Inetum has pursued its strategy focused on the local market and its mission to help Tunisian companies master the digital flow. Several clients, from the public sector to industry, including the retail and banking sectors, have trusted us to meet this need this year. We have also consolidated our international activity, in particular that of Third Party Application Maintenance for European clients and have made progress on our Nearshore activity for the Inetum group.  

2. The year 2021 marks 20 years of partnership between Inetum and Microsoft. Can you tell us something about this strategic international partner?

Indeed, 20 years of collaboration between Microsoft and Inetum. This collaboration is based on a strong presence in France (45 sites) and a presence in 26 countries to date. It has evolved over the entire range of solutions, from CRM 1.2 to Dynamics 365 and from Axapata to FinOps ERP.

Inetum has more than 200 specialised and multi-certified consultants. Our experience extends to all business sectors through consulting, integration, customisation and deployment of solutions as well as maintenance in operational conditions. Inetum also has a dedicated R&D activity and has developed pre-packaged products to meet specific business needs, accelerating the adoption of solutions for these sectors.

Microsoft solutions are an important part of Inetum's "UPSCALE23" strategic plan, especially the Dynamics 365-based solutions that are able to provide innovative and effective solutions to a large number of its customers.

African countries also offer potential for growth in this activity. Inetum has already completed several implementations and has teams of consultants, notably in Morocco, Ivory Coast and Tunisia, which will undoubtedly increase in 2022.          

3. Can you tell us something about employability in Tunisia?

It is very important for us to develop talent in the digital sector throughout the African continent. Inetum is committed to supporting these talents and globally contributing to the development of digital in Africa with the Africa Digital Manager Award (ADMA). With this competition, organised every year, our objective is to promote projects and career paths to enable African managers to become aware of their potential.

In addition, the Inetum Group offers its employees various career opportunities. Our aim is to allow everyone to see how they can experience their own digital flow at Inetum, whatever their job or field, and from one assignment to another, depending on their technological or sectoral preferences. Thanks to genuine career development and opportunities on international projects; with high requirements and therefore very formative, we support the growth in experience and performance of our talents in a multicultural, innovative and adaptable environment. We also benefit from the advantage of our own Group to encourage international mobility to our 6 subsidiaries in Africa and our 26 countries around the world.

Finally, as a complement to the market, Inetum in Tunisia has relied since its establishment on work-study training and on internships in companies which bring us a significant part of our future engineers who already adhere to the DNA and culture of the Inetum group. Tunisia has an important capacity to provide technicians, engineers and consultants for ESN and IT departments of companies due to the number of universities, engineering schools and business schools of excellent quality. With this pool of young talents and confirmed experts in Tunisia, our objective is first to strengthen our local team to offer our customers the best expertise to accompany them on a daily basis and in proximity in the success of their project.

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