Accessibility: partial compliance


Accessibility statement

Inetum undertakes to make its websites accessible in accordance with Article 47 of Law n° 2005-102 of 11 February 2005.

  • To this end, an accessibility audit has been carried out and corrections have been made to the site. 


This accessibility statement applies to the Inetum website.

Compliance status

The Inetum site ( is partially compliant with the French General Accessibility Standard, RGAA version 4.1, due to the non-conformities listed in the "Test results" section.

Test results

A first compliance audit was carried out on 15/10/2021 by the company Access42, following corrections, a new audit was carried out on 28/09/2023 and revealed that the site is 80.95% compliant with RGAA version 4.1.

Inaccessible content

The contents listed below are not accessible for the following reasons.


  • The active slide indication (career page) in a carousel is only indicated by the shape.
  • Media do not have a transcript.
  • The Welcome to the Jungle video (career page) has no subtitles.
  • The background video on the Homepage is not controllable. 
  • Script errors and context switches not indicated.
  • Page titles with a search and/or pagination do not indicate the searched content or the active page number.
  • Text content is structured only by <div> tags.
  • The tab system of the legal notices page is not usable with a window zoomed to 200%.
  • The carousel on the home page footer is not usable in a 320px wide window.
  • The contact page contains form errors: the accessible name of the fields is different from the visible label, groupings are missing, the format expected by the "email" field is not indicated, the error message of the field "email" does not contain a real input example, the automatic filling of certain fields is not possible ("country" and "city").
  • The site's search engine is incorrectly tagged (incorrect positioning of the role="search" attribute.
  • The PDF document of the multi-year plan (accessibility page) is not accessible.
  • A carousel on the press page can only be controlled with a complex gesture.

Content not subject to the accessibility obligation

  • The Twitter feed on the "home" and "press" pages (reason: external service);
  • The reCaptcha service on the "contact" page (reason: external service, WCAG recognises the Google reCaptcha system as satisfactory);
  • The chatbot "AVA" on the "jobs" page (reason: external service, does not provide additional service);
  • PDF documents published before 23 September 2018.

Establishment of this accessibility declaration

This declaration was established on 25/10/2021. It was updated on 28/09/2023.

Technologies used for the development of the site

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Content management tool: Drupal

User agents, assistive technologies and tools used to verify accessibility

The web page tests were conducted with the following combinations of web browsers and screen readers:

  • Firefox 92 and NVDA 2020.4
  • Firefox 92 and JAWS 2020
  • Safari 15.0 and VoiceOver (macOS 11.6)
  • Safari 15.0 and VoiceOver (iOS 15)

The accessibility check is the result of manual tests, assisted by tools (dedicated CSS sheets, HeadingsMaps and WebDeveloper Toolbar extensions, Color Contrast Analyser).

Pages of the site that have been checked for compliance

  • Home page (
  • Contact (
  • Legal notice (
  • Accessibility (
  • Search (
  • Group page (
  • Our offers page (
  • Sector Page (
  • Jobs Page (
  • Press Page (
  • Career Page (
  • Consulting Page (
  • Press release list page (
  • Press release details page (

Feedback and contact

Note that according to Article 11 of the Law of February 2005: 

"the disabled person has the right to compensation for the consequences of his or her disability, regardless of the origin and nature of his or her impairment, age or lifestyle."

Inetum shall take the necessary steps to provide access, within a reasonable time, to the information and features sought by the disabled person, whether or not the content is subject to an exemption.

Inetum invites anyone who encounters difficulties to contact [] so that assistance can be provided (accessible alternative, information and content given in another form).


If you notice a lack of accessibility that prevents you from accessing a content or feature of the site, and you have reported it to us without obtaining any response, you are entitled to send your complaints or a request for referral to the Human Rights Defender.

There are several ways to do this: