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Inetum has set up a special Recruitment website where you can see more detail on our job offers, organisation and standard recruitment process. Employees also share their experience at Inetum and members of the recruitment team give you tips for successful application. We explain our Human Resources policy and actions undertaken to reinforce our employer brand.

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Publications and hosting

  • Company name: Inetum
  • Limited liability company (société anonyme) with a capital of EUR 134,695,416 
  • R.C.S. Bobigny: 385 365 713
  • Head office: 5-7 rue Touzet Gaillard, 93 400 Saint-Ouen (France)
  • Telephone number: +33 (0)1 44 04 50 00
  • Email:
  • Publishing Director: Claudine Morel Le Berre
  • Hosted by: Inetum 

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In accordance with current laws and regulations, mandatory personal data that Inetum needs in order to process your requests will be indicated with an asterisk in the Website forms. Inetum considers it in its legitimate interest to collect and process these data.

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Intellectual property

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The trademarks Gfi, Inetum, NEW CHALLENGES NEW IDEAS, the name of products or services offered by Inetum, and logos accompanying these trademarks on the Website are in principle registered trademarks or pending registration by Inetum or its subsidiaries, unless otherwise indicated.
Other trademarks may also be mentioned. These will usually be written with a capital letter, and are used by Inetum either with the permission of their owner, or purely as an indication of existing products or services.
Any reproduction, imitation or use, whether in part or in full, of these trademarks or logos without the prior written authorisation of Inetum or their respective third-party owners is prohibited and constitutes an infringement of rights that is punishable by Articles L. 713-2 and L. 713-3 of the Law on Intellectual Property.

Guarantee and liability

Inetum makes every effort to provide you with reliable, updated information on its Website when you read it. However, errors or omissions may occur.
In order to give you information that is as complete and up-to-date as possible, Inetum regularly updates the Website and the information on it, which may therefore be modified at any time without notice.
The Website presents you with published and/or distributed products and services offered by Inetum for information only. This does not constitute an offer to sell.
The Website also provides you with information of a forecasting nature regarding Inetum’s financial situation, operational results, business and strategy, for reference only. Inetum assumes no responsibility or guarantee for the update of forecasts due to new information or future or other events.
You can see our current job vacancies that may, depending on the business and development of our company, have been filled internally or sometimes cancelled.
All information contained on this website is provided “as is”, with possible imperfections and as it becomes available, with no explicit or implicit guarantee of any kind. The only guarantees you have are those provided by statutory laws.
As a user of the Website, you recognise and accept that information and telecommunication systems may at times be interrupted or unavailable, for which Inetum cannot be held responsible. Inetum cannot guarantee that the Website will at all times be operational, responsive, secure and free of viruses.
Inetum cannot be held responsible for users’ non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions. However, if such behaviour is brought to its attention, Inetum reserves the right to make any decision that it deems appropriate.
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Prevailing law and jurisdiction

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