"A competitive and innovative value proposition". Pedro Gomes, Colombia & Andean Region General Manager

More than 400 collaborators with excellent technical and management skills that support the growth and transformation of our clients and the achievement of Inetum's objectives in Colombia. We share our Positive digital flow vision to build trusting relationships with our clients, fulfill our commitments, and deliver agile solutions.

We advise and accompany our clients in their growth by offering a competitive and innovative value proposition. Our service offering is based on the understanding of our clients' needs and with a strategic vision, we offer solutions that add value and satisfy their needs.


Our history of more than 20 years in Colombia and the knowledge we have of the market, allows us to have service offering for each sector we serve: Financial, Telco, Retail and Government in public and private companies. We work with technological partners to complete our service offering with the latest technologies in the industry. We handle innovative technologies and work with leading companies in different fields.

We provide global solutions to clients in everything related to Information Systems, Consulting, Design and Conception, Development and Implementation, as well as in Evolutionary and Corrective Maintenance and Support to Systems and Applications in Production. Our consultants and project development teams have extensive experience in process improvement, content management, distributed systems, architectures, integration and testing.


Our clients are 56 companies from different economic sectors, such as the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Defense in the Government sector, BBVA, Banco Agrario and the National Savings Fund in the Financial sector, Grupo Vierci and Crystal in the Retail sector and Telecommunications operators in the Telco sector. Providing development services, supporting engineering and transformation processes, and implementing corporate and document management systems, among others.

We are committed to an open innovation model to solve the greatest challenges of the current era of digital post-transformation. Importing and implementing best practices from other places to stand by our clients. With the impulse of national and European organizations guiding us towards the new digital horizon. We have the ability and vision to develop new business models. We are a sector-based organization that promotes the development of new technology uses.

Management team

A connected team

Vincent Rouaix
Carlos Muñoz
Head of Global Area Iberia Latam
Jose Antonio Fernández Ignacio
Latam South, Deputy General Manager
Juan C. Crespo
Global Area Iberia LATAM, Deputy General Manager
Carlos Castilla
Mexico Country Manager & Latam VP
Pedro Gomes
Peru, General Manager
Adolfo de la Fuente
Finance Director
Lucrecia García
HR Director
Mireia Bonafé
Marketing & Com Director
Ignacio Romero
IT Director Iberia Latam
Juan Luis Vasallo
Legal Director
Susana González
Q&S Director

Key Figures

Present in Latam since 1998, we are a company in constant growth that has remained at the forefront of digital innovation throughout its history.

We have 1,800 professionals in over 15 cities and a turnover of 130 million euros in 2020.

Turnover in Latam


As is the case in our countries throughout the world, Inetum in Colombia is able to provide all the offers of the Inetum Group.

Our value proposition

Our value proposition consists of a diversified solutions and end-to-end services portfolio.

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Vision of innovation

At Inetum, innovation is the core of our DNA. We build our innovation approach with our clients and partners. And we address business, organizational and societal issues at the same time.

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Where to find us

Our offices in Latam

With a presence in over 15 cities throughout the Latam territory to ensure proximity to our customers.