"More than 10,000 employees dedicated to the continuous transformation of our clients."

Normann Hodara, CEO Inetum France

As the historical home of Inetum, we continue to support the Group's growth in France through our ability to act as close as possible to our clients, and with a strong, bold and pragmatic team whose spirit remains more than ever focused on participating in the improvement of digital society.

Today we live in a society that keeps changing. Change that is accelerated by major events on a global scale. In order to meet the challenges of continuous transformation for our clients, including major accounts, mid-caps and institutions, we have established ourselves as an expert in digital flow. Our industrial tool is organized to support our clients in solution mode, maintain their daily production quality, and meet their needs in terms of innovation.

With more than 10,000 employees, our strength in France comes from a dense network of 40 sites, including 5 service centres, which ensures that we remain close to our clients. Our extensive offer of services and solutions covers the entire IT value chain for companies in seven major verticals. And our three FabLabs in France, in conjunction with the Group's other innovation centres in Europe, help us to combine the main business topics with the fundamentals of digital technology.

We are committed to improving operational efficiency and promoting new business models by exploiting the wealth of technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, hyper-automation, virtual worlds, blockchain, the cloud, IoT, and intelligent agents. We provide these technologies through increasingly agile development approaches, with innovation and outsourcing services in all the major digital areas.

In addition to our solutions built on the technologies of our major partners, software developers and manufacturers, we also have our own catalogue of software and intellectual property for the public sector, healthcare, human resources, retail, transport, logistics, insurance, and document management. Inetum's solutions are for example used in over 500 public agencies in 78 departments and regions in France. We are also a major player in the civil security sector with software that protects 46 million citizens.

Always attentive to our clients' expectations, we also listen to our employees, with a view to developing their skills according to their aptitudes to keep them at the cutting edge of technological developments, but also to take advantage of their ability to propose innovative solutions. 

With its rich background, in-depth knowledge of the sector and dynamic workforce, Inetum France uses its transformation as a lever to help its clients achieve positive digital flow.

Management Team

A connected team

Normann Hodara

CEO Inetum France

Xavier Muller

Inetum France Technologies Director

Yannick Waller

France Inetum Solutions Director

Philippe Pujalte

Operations, Integration & Outsourcing Director

Eve Royer

Human Ressources Director France

Isabelle Lamaison Donato

France Innovation Director

Key figures

Inetum has been growing steadily for over a decade and uses its technological expertise and innovative strength to support its clients' digital flow. Our capacity translates into more than 10,000 employees spread over 40 sites and a turnover of €950 million.








Pooled service centres




Like in all our countries around the world, Inetum in France can provide you with all the offers of the Inetum Group.

Our value proposition

Our value proposition consists of a diversified solutions and end-to-end services portfolio.

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Where to find us

Inetum in France

We have a dense network of 40 sites in France, including 18 sales offices. This means that we are very close to our clients.