Our mission

Patrice Gautier, Romania, General Manager

We offer digital and human resources at the center of the sustainable development of our society.

In a world of continuous transformation, accelerated by technological developments and societal challenges, it is necessary to adapt in an ongoing, agile way to meet the challenges of the future.


Global reach, local care... Like anywhere else in the world, Inetum in Romania is able to provide all of the Inetum Group's offerings.

Our value proposition

Our value proposition consists of a diversified solutions and end-to-end services portfolio.

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Vision of innovation

At Inetum, innovation is the core of our DNA. We build our innovation approach with our clients and partners. And we address business, organizational and societal issues at the same time.

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Management team

A connected team

Patrice Gautier

Romania, General Manager

Key figures

Provides application services to :

  • Deploy business solutions
  • Ensure integration
  • Technical and functional assistance
  • Support IT projects
  • Offer dedicated software solutions



20 M€



Yearly Growth

Where to find us

Inetum in Romania

Inetum in Romania. From the service centers in Bucharest, Pitesti and Constanta, our team composed of 500 professionals provides digital services and solutions that helps companies and institutions in Romania.​