Our value proposition

Our value proposition

A diversified solutions and end-to-end services portfolio

Our solutions portfolio is made from a well-balanced combination of the best-in-class 3rd party enterprise (corporate) and sector-specific solutions and proprietary IPs in selected niches: in vertical sectors like Public Sector, Insurance, or Healthcare but also in cross domains like Time & Activity or Document Management, among others.

Our services portfolio comprises a wide-coverage end-to-end service set extending from personalized consulting to industrialized full-outsourcing services, solutions integration and development, combining innovation-based differentiation with automation-based efficiency. We support the services portfolio in a flexible and collaborative operating model (near-shore / off-shore / street-shore) and a global delivery model through our 21 services centers worldwide.

This new value proposition has been carefully designed to quickly deliver tangible and sustainable business value to our clients, backed on premises of customer/employee experience maximization but also time-to-market, agility & productivity, data value, security and compliance optimization.

Our portfolio

Innovation-based and industry-relevant knowledge-based services to achieve exceptional business value from disruptive tech-drive

Specialized advisory services personalized to the client/sector context, from its digital strategy to the operational reality, leveraged in our top-class IT consulting expertise.

Disruptive technologies integration to existing environments in our clients, for making real their new exponential business models needed to compete in a digital world. And an avant-garde FabLab network to experiment before go live.

A set of digital practices made of innovative solutions and services to enable the transformation of complex applications with high flexibility and agility adapted to customer’s execution culture and roadmap.

A world-class digital solution set (own IP and 3rd party) and deployment services for energizing businesses performance.

Vertical practices in ten domains (Banking, Defence, Energy, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Retail, Smart City, Smart Government, Telco and Transport) for driving digital transformation in each of these sectors.

Own IP software: vertical (Public, Insurance and Healthcare) and cross-sectoral solutions (Time & Activity, Document Management, Supply chain, Fraud detection) provided in both cloud S(SaaS) and traditional (on-premise) model.

Cross world-class 3rd party solutions implementation services for energizing customer and employee experience and operational performance in our clients.

A set of industrialized and highly automated traditional IT services for assuring sustainable growth and maximum efficiency.

Advanced IT operation management services, application management and IT Outsourcing, services performance optimization, logical & physical infrastructures protection, and value-added hardware and software reselling.

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