Vision of innovation

Innovation at the heart of our DNA

At Inetum, we build our innovation approach with our clients and partners by addressing business, organizational and societal issues.

Our vision:

Let's work together on pragmatic innovations that reach their markets.

Our technologies at the service of your uses

With our clients, we revisit the difficulties, opportunities or evolutionary needs they encounter in their business. Using our technological knowledge and the advances we help create, we respond in an original way to these issues.

Through our workshops, the acculturation of our clients, and our research work, we help position the disruptive offers and solutions that will make a difference in markets that are extremely competitive.


In particular, we create digital platforms in response to market needs:

  • for the smart city, we analyze territories to meet the challenges of the city of the quarter of an hour,
  • conversational interfaces to improve care paths,
  • virtual reality training for operators in the factories of tomorrow,
  • ....

Our approach to Digital Flow is to constantly question and challenge the needs of our clients to provide ever more appropriate solutions.

Our technology watch, our network of technical and academic partners, and our own research in many fields allow us to offer our customers completely different approaches: disruptive approaches to address business issues. For example, we have:

  • we have developed specific expertise in virtual reality (such as the UMI3D protocol, which is the result of our research)
  • we are working on natural language interpretation,
  • the use of avatars and social robots,
  • computer vision,
  • and more generally, the multiple uses that arise from Artificial Intelligence.

Our innovation is technological and pragmatic: it does not stop at Proof Of Concept. It is the meeting of our technologies with the business challenges of our customers that makes possible in reality what previously could not even be conceived.

The 7 FabLabs are our places dedicated to innovation. We welcome our customers, partners and internal teams. During co-creation sessions, we invent tomorrow's solutions with them.


It is in these places or in virtual sessions built to measure, that the business challenges of our customers and the technological bricks resulting from our research meet. We combine the achievements of our partners and put them to work for our customers' businesses. We are thus certain to offer the best solutions to meet their challenges.


Solutions that are both original and innovative, and therefore differentiating, and that meet the needs of a world where the digital flow is constantly evolving.

Pragmatic innovation, the one that joins the business on its market

Being innovative means proposing solutions that not only address a given issue or problem, but do so in a different way that has not always been explored before. This is how we build solutions that will be brought to market by Inetum.


To do this, we approach our topics with a research phase, based on a scientific approach. Our researchers regularly publish in scientific journals or conferences because this approach ensures that we do not miss anything, that we are at the forefront of the fields we want to cover.


Our ambition is that our solutions include real advances compared to what exists on the market.  So we don't stop at the research phase, but we create the products and methods that enable us to equip our customers with the most advanced technologies to stay ahead in the digital world.

During our ideation and co-creation sessions, we detect with our customers, partners and internal Inetum teams the business challenges as well as the use cases that are currently unanswered.


As prescribers of technologies adapted to the needs of our customers, we help them to stand out from their competitors, thanks to original, intelligent solutions that perfectly meet the extremely changing needs of the end user.


We position ourselves as a partner invested in the long term to accompany and understand the digital flow.

The all-digital world and the technological complexity that accompanies its implementation is a never-ending process, which is why we talk about digital flow.

We approach our clients' business challenges and use cases by using technology as a pragmatic lever by combining and merging the various advances in our research, for example:

  • virtual reality, when it meets artificial intelligence, allows the creation of hyper-realistic virtual worlds. It could quickly become difficult to distinguish between a real person's avatar and an avatar driven by Artificial Intelligence when in a virtual world.

We support our clients in the creation of these solutions but also in the deployment of these innovations.

What are we doing?

Let's innovate together: we accompany you to co-create your innovations of tomorrow.

Experiment@FabLab will immerse you in the world of innovation through an immersive experience based on discovery, acculturation and feedback. It will be the opportunity to detect and exchange around your challenges and use cases to find together your innovations of tomorrow.

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We create disruptive products and platforms.

Our innovation is technological and pragmatic. It does not stop at Proof of Concept. It is the meeting of our technologies with your business challenges that makes possible in reality what previously could not even be conceived.


We create business solutions for your business.

Our knowledge of the business sectors and the market, allows us to understand with you your major challenges and make you benefit from feedback. With you, we revisit the difficulties, opportunities or needs for evolution that you encounter in your business.


Innovation in 3 figures

FabLabs as co-creation places, an international team totally dedicated to innovation, skills combining research, development and creativity to design customized disruptive solutions.


FabLabs in the world