"Building the digital positive impact for today and tomorrow." Marek Pokorski, Head of Inetum Poland.

Our mission is to support businesses to improve and growth using companies to digitalize and leverage digital positive flow.​

An individual wins a game, teamwork wins championships. In Inetum Poland, we believe that working together creates value and inspires. Passion for quality, result orientation, team spirit, ability to ask questions and suggest out of the box solutions are some of the key features of our projects. We work with our Customers in full trust and partnership making improvements that emerging technology solutions made possible to follow the continuing changing world.

We cultivate proximity and agility to provide comprehensive IT and consulting services across Europe. Our offices are located in 5 countries: Poland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and Romania. We grow every year and employ more then 1500 employees, including over 1300 IT specialists to support the success of your projects. Our business maintains 20 specialized groups and supports over 30 systems and platforms. We work with the newest technologies related to Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Inetum has more than 20 years of experience in the development of complex systems such as the AML & Compliance Platform kdprevent™ . Our flagship solution are in successful operation world-wide.


Management Team

A connected team

Marek Pokorski

Poland, General Manager

Maciej Kubiak

Head of Regional Operations

Arkadiusz Borek

Head of Business Operations

Tomasz Krupa

Head of Delivery

Martin Konieczny

Head of Sales, Poland

Żaneta Buchalska-Krzysiek

Head of Finance

Agata Wudarczyk

Head of Talent Management

Renata Mtiri

Head of Administration, Poland

Przemysław Nowakowski

Head of Marketing

Weronika Nowak-Kawalec

Head of Communication, EB & CSR

Key Figures

Since 2016, the year our company joined Inetum, we are able to provide global system development, integration, maintenance and support in the area of IT and business management.








Years on the market




Global reach, local care... Like anywhere else in the world, Inetum in Poland is able to provide all of the Inetum Group's offerings.

Our value proposition

Our value proposition consists of a diversified solutions and end-to-end services portfolio.

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Vision of innovation

At Inetum, innovation is the core of our DNA. We build our innovation approach with our clients and partners. And we address business, organizational and societal issues at the same time.

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Where to find us

Our offices

Our offices are located in 6 cities: Warszawa, Katowice, Poznan, Lublin, Lodz, and Rzeszow. We grow every year and employ more then 800 employees, including over 700 specialists.​