Generative AI


GenAI & You

GenAI & You is an Inetum programme that brings generative AI into all aspects of your job to make you more efficient: it offers you end-to-end support to turn this technology into a leverage for your business and your staff.

Generative AI reshapes business models

Beyond ChatGPT, corporate generative AI applications offer many other possibilities that are much more advanced, and that can be used to create new content including audio, coding, images, text, and video. According to McKinsey, generative AI and other technologies have the potential to automate tasks on which workers are currently spending 60 to 70% of their time. It is shaking up our way of working and will lead to a host of new professions.

As a European technology leader, Inetum helps its customers to exploit the full potential of generative AI by offering them a portfolio of GenAI solutions, supporting them from start to finish: from getting familiar with the challenges and prerequisites of generative AI, to the adoption of new solutions.

GenAI & You

“One-Stop Shop”

Ideas, tools, methods, uses, and implementations to make you more efficient in your business and in serving your customers. As a multi-specialist player, we offer you a unique combination of skills and expertise to support your digital transformation and the adoption of GenAI.

As a driver for your business

Together, let's understand and explore the possibilities that GenAI has to offer, and plan how to keep you ahead of the game in an ever-changing world.
From advice and support to the integration of solutions, application development, maintenance, and user support, Inetum, with its proven experience in Artificial Intelligence, is the trusted partner to take you from initial exploration to the industrialisation of an effective business model.

Inetum accelerates your Gen AI trajectory!

We combine our knowledge of your business challenges, our Gen AI and data expertise, and our technological industrialization capabilities.

GenAI C-level Agenda
Work with C-level executives to define the vision, operational trajectory, and preparations to transform their organisation.
GenAI Readiness
Let teams take ownership of the system through effective onboarding and role-playing on use cases.
GenAI Decision Support
Support your decision-making processes with benchmarks and customised recommendations on GenAI solutions and models.
GenAI Qualification
Identify, prioritise, describe, and test your use cases.
GenAI Experiment
Be able to experiment with your use cases through demonstrators, prototyping, and Minimum Viable Products.
GenAI Scale
Deploy and scale products in your IS by making use of our accelerators and publisher partnerships.