A sector at the dawn of profound disruptions

Ready for the transformation of business models and new risks

Technological developments are profoundly changing the insurance landscape: the emergence of the Internet of Things will lead to changes in policy pricing methods and make it possible to develop new types of contracts, the advent of the autonomous car will have a major impact on motor insurance, the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies will improve the efficiency and quality of service in claims management, and data processing and remote management capacities will be vectors for very significant changes in the business models of health and personal insurance.

In addition to these technological developments, new risks – cybersecurity, climate, health – are on the rise, as are all the regulatory changes facing the sector, particularly in the field of personal insurance.

Insurance players are investing to deliver a quality customer interface, seeking to differentiate themselves through simple processes, relevant products and a positive user experience throughout the value chain.

Success depends on four key principles

  • A review of the main business models to anticipate and prepare for major disruptions to come
  • Focus on customer orientation and the quality of the customer journey
  • The development of partnerships, and working in ecosystems and open-architecture mode
  • The control and extensive use of data both internal and external to the company

Engaging with business and IT teams throughout their transformation

An approach to digital transformation combining expertise in the insurance industry and strong IT capabilities

Our experts in insurance (property, personal and life) and IT support you in setting up digital capabilities,  exploiting your data, and adapting your processes, organisations and information systems in order to develop new products and services and improve your customer relations and operational efficiency.

Capacities designed to provide insurers and brokers with an IT or Business Process Outsourcing offer

The combination of our insurance business expertise, our Cleva software package solution, our insurance IS development capabilities and our infrastructure management teams enables us to offer proven IT or Business Process Outsourcing solutions.

Our sector expertise combined with our IT capabilities and proximity to the client

Our business knowledge and Cleva software coupled with our digital and innovative capabilities make us the partner of choice for insurers and brokers.

Our knowledge of insurance businesses

Our teams bring together a solid knowledge of the various insurance businesses (property and casualty insurance, personal insurance, life insurance and savings) both in the front and back offices and in technical functions.

Our innovation, data and ditigal capacities

Our teams are able to support our clients both in the implementation of data and digital infrastructures and in the management of data usage development projects and the implementation of digital journeys. They master the best approaches and solutions on the market in agile working methods, combining business and IT resources. Finally, our partnership with the Finance Innovation cluster enables us to identify and develop partnership relations with the most promising Insurtechs.

Cleva, a leading software package for Non-Life and Life Insurance businesses

Our Cleva software package is one of the market leaders in insurance software for Life and Non-Life insurance. Our 500 employees continue to develop this product to keep pace with changes in the insurance market.

Our model, combining strong client proximity and teams in 26 countries

We support the development of our insurance clients in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Our unique and dense territorial network enables us to build a long-term relationship with all our clients.

A range of solutions and services designed to meet your needs as closely as possible

We support our clients in the transformation and digitalization of the main insurance businesses and their information systems.

Property and Casualty Insurance
We rely on our digital onboarding solutions, partnerships with the major players in the market, knowledge of the start-up network and Insurtech, and advanced data-processing capabilities to develop, alongside you, solutions for digitising and optimising your processes (both for onboarding processes and the management of car and home claims).
Healthcare / Individual and collective provident insurance
We draw on our intimate knowledge of provident insurance and on our Insurtech network to offer our clients solutions for digitising user paths, both at the time of subscription and during the various phases of the life of the contracts.
Savings and Life insurance
Our teams rely on their expertise in asset/liability management processes and on our CEGID asset/liability management software package to develop Savings and Life solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.