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Improve value

Strengthen the link between your IT and business lines by accelerating your transformation


Accelerating your digital transformation will strengthen the link between IT and business lines.


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We offer you three drivers to improve value:

Cloud Native development, portals, mobility, EIM, BPM and RPA, UX / UI, Web Design, APIsation, micro services...
Transformation support, application migration, automation,cloud-ready development, Digital and Low-Code Factory, IS updating ...
Data strategy, AI/Big Data, Open Data, Data-Centric IS...

Local expertise for a global IS

We help you meet your challenges

Inetum stands by you to meet your challenges:


  • Design and conduct a comprehensive transformation project
  • Perform agile, V-cycle build
  • Ensure the application maintenance of your environments (TAM, third-party application reception, and projects)
  • Implement the right delivery models (proximity, CdS, teleworking, etc.)
  • Act locally with wide national coverage
  • Guarantee application security and test automation
  • Satisfy business lines and users
  • Spread and offer innovation in a pragmatic, secure framework
  • Awareness of key topics: TTM, TCO, risk reduction

Ensure your success

We accelerate your transformation through a multimodal approach

6 key points to generate value

users, business lines, development and production work together from the ideation phase to get innovation to the market as fast as possible, in an industrial model with strong ROI

to design and execute a personalised vision of transformation adapted to your scale

build, outsourcing, feature teams, our teams provide the level of intervention you want

by getting business and IT teams on board to achieve your most ambitious transformation targets

training, coaching, communication, we provide a solid base for your transformation with continuous improvement in the long term

infrastructure, production, cloud, AMS+, our extended capacities ensure your success in all aspects of your transformation

A catalogue of services dedicated to your transformation

We support your performance with our expertise in development and integration

We support your digital strategy by developing innovative native digital ISs
Transformation management. Multimodal IT, capacity to let all your environments coexist and evolve together
We support a data-centric strategy and help you get value out of your data


A solid partner at your side


  • 15,000 people

  • 21 AS service centres

  • Operational in 26 countries

  • 40 offices in France

  • Portfolio of 50 offers for all business lines and sectors

Sector-specific business expertise


  • With 8 sector practices :

    • Smart Cities 

    • Industry 4.0

    • Digital Telcom

    • Digital Banking

    • Digital Retail

    • Digital Transportation

    • Digital Healthcare

    • Digital Energy

  • See the detail of our practices in our portfolio.

A strategy of strong partnerships with market leaders

We build relevant solutions within a solid ecosystem

Our partnership approach combines major strategic alliances of the Group with technological alliances to achieve your goals:

  • Develop and integrate

  • Automate and optimize

  • Update and digitalise

  • Test and increase reliability

  • Secure and innovate

See our offers and find out who are partners are.

They trust us

Our solutions address the needs of numerous sectors

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