Behind the scene


Reception point:

We provide a complete management and professional reception solution. The objectives are to allow a simplified follow-up of visits for reception staff, facilitate mass management, and propose a diversification of the means of declaration for the arrival and departure of the visitor.​


This module makes it possible to group together within content libraries, elements that will be accessible for controlled consultation by Pepper users. It is also a tool for centralising the resources necessary for the different activities that will be created with the additional options of Firmin.


With this dedicated space, you can build targeted presentations, accessible from Pepper's tablet menu. It allows you to facilitate the discovery of automatic contents by a presentation entirely made by Pepper, without the need for any action from your interlocutor.


Define the answers you want so that Pepper can answer the expected questions. Experience a simple way to customise Pepper's voice messages and create exchange zones for a more “lifelike” Pepper.


Adopt Pepper's scope of service by adapting the applications and content that Pepper can offer. Plan Pepper's different tasks and visual interface, with management that can be programmed or on demand.

Notification and survey:

This module allows you to carry out surveys when interacting with people. In an intelligent way, the questions asked are adapted according to answers given previously. It also allows you to analyse the feedback obtained to better target communication actions and proposed services.


Quizzes are a fun activity to easily test users' knowledge and determine areas for improvement with regard to the conveyed messages. This tool offers the possibility to quickly create quizzes on the content of your choice and to offer enriching entertainment.

Autonomous lives:

Bring Pepper to life with proactive animations when it is not interacting with a user to broadcast your messages and keep your robot “alive”. Foster engagement through the diffusion of information related to the company's activity.


Pepper becomes an assistant in event management by managing the arrival of visitors. It is compatible with mobile applications to support multiple registration strategies. It shows current and upcoming events and access instructions for the selected event. ​


This module gives you the ability to offer games and fun animations according to the expectations of your users. Thus, you can entertain them interactively through the use of the tablet as well as through voice exchange and even the possibility of dancing!