Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Salesforce Einstein GPT

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Salesforce Einstein GPT

Since the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI in September of 2022, Generative AI (GenAI) has been the main topic of almost all technology conversations. Companies have been rushing to release GenAI tools to supplement their solutions and corner what is predicted to be a $1.3 Trillion industry over the next 10 years. In March of 2023, Salesforce introduced Einstein GPT, a generative AI tool to be utilized in conjunction with other Salesforce Cloud products and has continued to enhance and expand its capabilities.

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Let your library work for you

Salesforce’s Einstein GPT enhances productivity when implemented properly. To understand the Salesforce AI tools and how to apply them, one must first understand what GenAI is. At its core, Einstein GPT has been trained to write in human language in response to a prompt. A prompt can be a question, request for information, even just a few words.

Suppose you had read a library of one thousand books and had an eidetic memory, so all the information is stored in your brain. If someone asks you a question on a specific topic, as long as there is information in some of those books now stored in your brain, you would be able to formulate a response based on the information from that library.

Gen AI works in much the same way. It has a library of information, called a Large Language Model (LLM) and can extrapolate and analyze data quickly. Again, it is dependent on the LLM containing information about the topic to formulate the response.

To train LLM’s, large amounts of data are fed to it to teach the system. Once the information is there, you provide a sentence and ask for the system to continue it. You give it feedback to tell it if it’s correct or not. Continue testing and checking by providing sentences the system hasn’t seen before.

Fine tuning a LLM adds a layer of specialization. If the company is a hospital and wants to produce patient reports from appointment and examination notes from the patient files, the more generic LLM would be exposed to further data like existing patient reports, diagnostic information and clinical language. The GPT would then be able to produce a report utilizing the specialized language and provide an analysis of the test results.

Get proactive with Einstein GPT

Back to my previous statement about Gen AI enhancing productivity, when properly trained and implemented, Salesforce’s Einstein GPT would provide a competitive advantage for your business.  With Einstein GPT, users can generate branded, personalized email templates based on an analysis of the business of the company they are interacting with among other things.

Imagine you have a long-time customer that has recently had several service cases logged and their contract is up for renewal. When asked to provide a summary of the customer, Einstein GPT might recommend some proactive steps to minimize the risk that the customer might not renew due to recent service issues. With Einstein GPT, a personalized email with an invitation to visit your office to see a new, not-yet-announced product and a business lunch can be generated as a first step to reestablish trust in your company.

The task of generating this email would take many salespeople a significant amount of time to write and edit before sending. With Einstein GPT, the salesperson can specify the voice to use (i.e. business professional, friendly, or even surfer-dude depending on the relationship with the customer) as well as references to any cases or past activities they want to highlight. Once the text is generated, the human-in-the-loop (the salesperson), would review the text, apply any changes and send the email.

Data is the core of any generative AI model. Einstein GPT utilizes the data in your organization, anonymized so that your custom data is protected in accordance with GDPR regulations. In a separate post, I will explore how Salesforce and the Einstein Trust layer protects your data from malicious actors and minimizes the risks of hallucinations and toxicity.

Jump on the AI train

Utilizing Einstein GPT will provide your company with competitive advantages in productivity and customer engagement. At Inetum, we see the advantages being realized by these gains and are innovating alongside Salesforce as a partner to provide best-in-class solutions. Over the next months, we expect to see rapid innovation in the AI landscape and are poised to take advantage of it. We are ready to partner with you to help envision a Salesforce AI Roadmap and to bring it to fruition. Visit our booth at the Salesforce World Tour Belgium on 16 May to discuss how we can help you achieve your AI goals.

Written by JoAnn Culbertson
Senior Salesforce Consultant Inetum Belgium

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