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Accelerate towards the industry 4.0 with inetum Consulting

Identify, select, implement and integrate the best solutions for your business. Adopt an "Industry 4.0" approach​.

Stand out through your use of innovative solutions

  • Improve flow visibility and industrial responsiveness
  • Trace sensitive/strategic materials from end to end
  • Optimize your manufacturing process
  • Improve compliance
  • React fast to logistical contingencies

Optimize your Industrial IS architecture

  • Develop strategies for the acquisition, management and use of industrial data
  • Develop an Industry 4.0 IS roadmap
  • Reconfigure your Industrial IS to cope with a significant increase in production

Roll out the best solutions and platforms on the market

  • Optimise your procurement processes on a worldwide basis
  • Develop horizontal collaboration and extended supply chain
  • Harmonize practices and optimize management Improve the management of global project engineering
  • Improve the management of global project engineering

Speed up the adoption of new technologies

  • Improve workshop traceability
  • Improve technical knowledge sharing.
  • Digitalize instruction sheets
  • Optimize your industrial and logistic choices: model your supply chain, create a digital twin of your industrial tool

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Improve your corporate responsibility

Boost the mobilization and adhesion of employees in new operating modes that are key to your company's success​.

Mobilize human capital, manage uncertainty and deal with crises

  • Develop skills and create a collective dynamic
  • Respond collectively to sectoral issues
  • Develop a common vision
  • Secure the supply of critical components

Develop your eco-responsibility

  • Optimize regulatory aspects to develop your business
  • Revalue resources
  • Identify new opportunities: analysis and quantification of the remanufacturing market
  • Adopt circular-economy practices

Challenge your operations

Develop your agility and resilience & optimize your costs​.

Improve the efficiency of your sourcing and your procurement

  • Digitalize procurement processes.
  • Leverage new technologies (AI, RPA...) to increase performance Increase the maturity of your procurement system
  • Secure supplier risks
  • Improve decision-making and supplier management

Boost the performance of your business processes

  • Audit processes Implement an extended supply chain
  • Optimize operations
  • Boost the performance of your organization.
  • Monitor your field performance in real time

Optimize management and maintenance of your industrial assets.

  • Audit the portfolio of installations and redefine your maintenance strategies
  • Improve the efficiency of interventions
  • Optimize maintenance strategies
  • Enhance the value of your maintenance data
  • Predict your maintenance

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