Consulting - Retail

Supporting the transformation of uses and customer relations

Inetum Consulting develops offers and solutions that are as close as possible to your concerns.​

Omnicommerce & Customer journey

  • Evaluate processes according to Omnicommerce best practices (gap analysis)
  • Support the definition of target customer paths (quick wins, strategic, etc.)
  • Support the adaptation of business processes necessary to achieve
  • Omnicommerce objectives
  • Assess digital maturity


Digitalize your points of sale

  • Help define customer use cases and sales processes
  • Perform a diagnosis of the equipment and operation of points of sale
  • Draw up a digitalization plan for points of sale
  • Pre-select market solutions and digital innovations


Urbanisation & Roadmaps

  • Choose and implement the best solutions on the market to meet your business challenges
  • Carry out IS architecture and urbanisation studies
  • Draw up system evolution trajectories. Establish master plans

CIO Advisory & Programme management

  • Support strategic project management
  • Align information systems with business challenges and corporate strategy
  • Support transformation and manage change
  • Take back control of projects experiencing difficulties
  • Reorganize your IT department: strategic development, service industrialization, etc.


Improve your performance management

  • Develop and streamline steering KPIs for activity monitoring and operational decision-making
  • Adapt indicators to monitor qualitative objectives and improve performance
  • Choose and implement business intelligence solutions


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