Data Management Office "TDMO"

Data Management Office "TDMO"

Test data provision and management service in complex environments

At Quality Services we have Consulting teams specialized in TDM practices, to provide the development, testing and business teams with coherent data to carry out the tests, respecting compliance with current regulations on the protection of personal data.

We perform Consulting services for the implementation of TDM solutions, N1 support services to third-party TDM operation teams and TDM Operation Services.

Inetum's solution for test data management provides:

  • A certified team with extensive experience in this type of solution.
  • A global strategy of processes to be implemented for the extraction, masking, populating and use of the data.
  • And a tool that supports those processes taking into account some key requirements:
  • Integrity between the different data models:
  • Search for physical and logical relationships between the different data structures.
  • Multiplatform scope
  • To support mainframe environments alongside distributed platforms.
  • Sensitive data detection, classification and masking
  • Sensitive data detection and provision of data masking rules to comply with legal requirements of published rules or regulations.
  • Connectivity to multi-source data
  • The data structures can be of various types, from mainframe VSAM files, to flat files, databases (DB2, Oracle and Sql Server, ...), ...
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Possibility of creating “fictitious” data, that is, not real and masked.
  • Obtaining data by functional blocks
  • It must be possible to generate test data by application functional groups referenced to key reference data in the installation such as customers or accounts.​
  • Single management portal​
  • Facilitate the management of environments: request (self-service), search, extraction, preparation, loading, data restoration,​
  • Preparation of monitoring and management reports of the platform​
  • Comprehensive statistical data and monitoring capabilities to evaluate your usage and performance of TDM solutions.​