Data Ops for Business

Data Ops for Business

Observability of IT services to prevent, limit, and be hyper-reactive on incidents.

Ensure that an IT incident in production is a non-event

  • Identify and shape the model of weak pre-incident signals
  • Trend analysis and improvement plans
  • Preventive maintenance and self-healing
  • Complete traceability of actions
  • Capacity planning

In-depth rethinking of incident management Observability, Predictability, Immediacy of action

  • 360° view hypervision cockpits for product services
  • Compilation of IT data in dedicated datalakes
  • An Inetum AI Ops solution that enriches systems and applications data produced, and facilitate preventive activities.
  • Hypervision, AI and automation activity mix
  • Multidisciplinary tooling/data/AI skills