UX Governance & Design System​

UX Governance & Design System

UX governance & design system is the foundation of your ability to succeed in your UX approach over time, throughout your whole organization. If you manage several products, services, applications, websites… you need a Design System, and a high sense of UX governance. Our UX2Delivery approach ease the integration of UX in your agile projects, and our associated services are meant to bring you efficiciency and seamless UX integration.​ ​

Your design system is the core of your UX industrialization. It is the main repository for all your UX components, from your core identity to your digital and product guidelines, so that the whole project teams can deliver a consistant user experience througout any of your services. From Storybook to zeroheight to Invision DMC, or even by creating your own repository, we help you with many efficient solutions.​

If you not only design a service or product, but plan to design several, you need a UX&UI Charter. Whether you build services on your own, or you leave it to IT and development providers, you need to provide tech teams with clear and comprehensive guidelines, which will ensure that the experience you design will be effectively delivered as such, once your service or product is launched.​

Is our own approach to a seamless integration of the UX Design activities in your agile project. UX2Delivery enables you to take advantage of UX at each step, from the product backlog to the MVP components capitalization in your design system, and guerilla tests directly in each sprint. The goal being a better fit from design to code.​

You already have agile teams? Great! But you might want to acculturate them deeply to UX, so that they can integrate UX best practices into their day-to-day projects. We help you by providing a UX expert, who will help better understand UX, and be an actor of change within your teams, to improve collaboration, and help deliver better experiences to your users and customers.​

Bring your team out of the box! We welcome you in one of our FabLab for a creative, instructive and innovative journey. Discover customer testimonies, experience innovation with us, and perform design thinking activities to tackle some of your pains or create your next services. Ranging from board of directors to IT, marketing and business teams, we create a one or two days specific masterclass to meet your expectations.​

At the crossroads of your product strategy and your UX design, UX strategy helps you ensure that the user experience conveid by your services and products meets your company’s expectations. Concept, targets, market, positionning, product market fit are all part of your UX Strategy, for which our UX strategists will help, so that you’ll have a clear view of your UX roadmap. ​