Electronic Security

Ensure overall safety

Create a safe environment to help you improve your decision-making.

The world of security is constantly changing with new challenges and threats that create increasing demands.

Anticipation, proximity, flexibility and commitment are our hallmarks that must be applied in an agile and effective way when protecting people and companies.

360º security framed in a world of integration must be the engine of change in the digital transformation of the security business.

The current global pandemic situation has highlighted the speed with which a business or organization can change and has shown us the need to have control and knowledge of what is happening in them. Innovation and the adoption of new technologies (artificial vision, deep learning...) applied to Electronic Security will help our clients improve decision-making.

Anticipate the threat

We integrate innovative technologies adapted to the security needs of each client.

By leading innovation in electronic security we help to build a safer tomorrow. We do so by creating environments where customers, partners and governments come together to protect and drive the future.

We add the most innovative technologies of the ICT world to security systems to create robust solutions adapted to the need of each client. 

Systems integration is key to a world of threats and challenges in which anticipating to react should be the objective of the security areas.

Inetum is a trusted partner with a high technology base and a sectorization by markets that can help companies to achieve their objectives. We work in threat mitigation using advanced technologies.

Inetum is registered in the National Registry of Private Security of the Spanish Ministry of Interior through INETUM ELECTRONIC SECURITY S.A. with Registration Number 4532.

We address security issues through a multi-technology approach

Use innovation technologies to fight ongoing threats.

We create and secure identity, information, and critical infrastructures based on intelligent solutions, letting you manage the exponential growth in devices with flexibility.

We offer own design and specialized software development in intelligent video and audio, computer vision, communications and signals processing based on open systems and standards.

A mix of multi-technology capabilities uncommon in the security market – traditional security systems combined with professional communications, GIS, networking, cyber security, analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Partnership with world-leader manufacturers.

A catalogue of solutions adapted by target markets such as safe cities, critical infrastructures, transportation or government.

An end-to-end portfolio of solutions and services

We offer engineering, design, turnkey projects, deployment, installation, commisioning and maintenance for all of our solutions.

  • Engineering & Solution Design
  • Specialized software development
  • Intelligent Video
  • Access control &  automation
  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
  • Deployment and comissioning
  • Communications
  • Biometrics
  • Intelligent Security Operation Centre (iSOC)
  • Artificial vision
  • System integration

Safe Regions

  • Urban security: Citizen surveillance coordinating central post, outposts and multiple patrols deployed.
  • Vehicle traffic supervision: stolen vehicle location system, black and grey lists.
  • Security control center: New intelligent security centers (iSOC) where physical and logical security are combined.
  • Emergencies: incident management and dispatch.
  • Regulated border protection: customs areas.
  • Unregulated border protection: early detection at sea and on land.

Critical infrastructures

  • People counting. Queue management. Crowd detection.
  • Advanced fleet management: geo-fencing. Advanced onboard sensorization.

In Transport :

  • On-board surveillance: real-time alarm generation. Remote control and actuation
  • Monitoring of transport exchangers. Underground stations, buses, trains.
  • Comprehensive security for airports.

Industry :

  • Artificial vision applied to industrial processes. Product tracking and process monitoring.
  • Perimeter protection: anti-intrusion. Detection of nearby incidents. Early warning.
  • Management of traffic of vehicles and people within the company's facilities. Real control of the facilities.

The technologies of our partners help us to protect you

A large and solid ecosystem of experts to build best-of-breed security solutions.

Inetum has technical specialists certified by the main manufacturers in the market.

Many clients from many places

To learn more about our references please contact:

  • Electronic Security & Defence BU director
  • +34 618 488 739
  • josemaria.castillon@inetum.com
Electronic Security from Inetum
  • Electronic security Offering Line director
  • +34 618 959 242
  • Cesar.guillen@inetum.com
Electronic Security from Inetum

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We build security solutions for many sectors:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Civil Security - SIS offering : Artemis, SDIS
  • Vertical solutions:
    • Smart Cities
    • Defense
    • Transportation