Agile billing for innovative projects

Support and automate your billing processes for increased agility.

With the development of digital channels and changes in purchasing behaviour, many sectors are faced with the need to adapt or even profoundly transform their economic model, offer portfolio, pricing and therefore billing systems.


A few concrete examples:

  • Consumer goods – automatic refill services for printers
  • Media – subscription to OTT bouquets and digital newspapers
  • Transport – billing of tyres per kilometre driven
  • Telecom – new cloud and IoT services
  • Energy – positive-energy buildings
  • Industry – invoicing of production tools on a pay-per-use basis

Product-based services, subscription and rental mechanisms, pay-per-use, service bundles…  These new models for packaging and selling offers have a triple impact: business (construction and delivery of new services), financial (changes in revenue profiles, activity forecasts, etc.), and information systems (impact on product references, pricing, ordering and billing systems, etc.).


Moreover, these offer models are  constantly being updated and upgraded under competitive pressure, as they offer new capabilities for differentiating.


Having the appropriate means to support these specific tactics for adjusting tariffs and invoicing becomes one of the key elements of commercial operations.

Support and automate your billing processes for increased agility

Billing projets support an ambitious differentiation strategy driven by an offer portfolio, service packaging and innovative pricing.

Make the most of what your personalized billing solution offers.

Fast development to implement new pricing and billing processes across multiple applications.

Manage a large number of different billing cases automatically.

Change your system layout by consolidating the management of pricing and billing in an efficient, dedicated solution.

Services catalogue

Inetum assists you from consulting (master plan, decision making…) to rollout (architecture, integration, specific developments…) and Application Management.

> Monetize new services

Launch of innovative and disruptive services, with progressive implementation (PoC → MVP → Production)


> Maximize your customer base

Know and control your customer base, redesign your offer catalogue, upsell and cross-sell, and reduce churn.


> Optimize your finances

Improve your cash flow and collection, and predict your income.


> Renovate your invoicing chain

Technical obsolescence, lack of agility, organic or external growth, international expansion, regulations…


What makes us different?

  • Inetum can advise on the economic and technical solutions best suited to each situation, and give you a choice between SaaS or “on premise”, and between CAPEX or “pay as you use” investment model.


  • Inetum brings more than 20 years of experience in billing and has expertise in all the business domains related to billing: lead-to-order-to-cash chain; models with revenue sharing and commissions to third parties; payment and collection management; accounting and tax-related issues; collection of billing events; paperless invoices, etc.


  • To provide a relevant and comprehensive response, Inetum relies on software solutions that have been tried and tested in a wide range of industries, and in which we have key skills – architecture, business configuration, integration, development and operation.

Value proposition

  • Analyse competing offers and benchmark best practices to define improvement areas for your offer portfolio in all aspects (services, pricing, invoicing, etc.).
  • Simulate the financial impact of changes in business models and adapt/transform your operational organization accordingly.
  • Manage your project to implement a billing solution, from selection to the detailed definition of a project plan.
  • Create a model of your offers, rates and billing mechanisms within the new billing solution, integrate it with the rest of the information system, and support its implementation within the business lines.
  • Inetum relies on the business experience of its various sectors to propose relevant business use cases that can be adapted to your specific requirements. Our technical expertise covers both the implementation of billing solutions and their integration according to the standards and best practices of each sector.

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