Inetum organizes "Agile Playground Paris voit vert”

Inetum organizes "Agile Playground Paris voit vert”

April 13th, 2023

Inetum organizes "Agile Playground Paris voit vert”

Event "Agile Playground Paris voit vert"

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Inetum's Agile community organizes "Agile Playground Paris voit vert" (Agile Playground Paris goes green), an evening about Green Tech, on April 13th, 2023 at Stories, the new headquarters of the Group.

On the program of this evening, several participative workshops:

  • Let's play econum' together to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Let's finance the development of our city via Moneytum and Lean Portfolio Management

  • When a company is transforming, how to "garden" a fulfilling environment for our teams.

  • And many other activities...

Frédéric Masson (Director of Inetum's Transformation Consulting), Jacques Prou (Senior Manager of Inetum's Transformation Consulting) and their team are waiting for you to talk in a simple and friendly environment.

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