Inetum sponsor of Paris-Nantes match

Inetum sponsor of Paris-Nantes match

Inetum sponsor of Paris-Nantes match



Creation date : Thu, 08/04/2022 - 18:05

Inetum was a sponsor of the Paris-Nantes match at the Pierre de Coubertin Stadium on Sunday, 13 March. 

This annual initiative, complementary to the support the Group brings to Paris Saint-Germain Handball as a Top Sponsor of the club, was the opportunity for Inetum to organize special features to accompany this top match of the French Championship.

In front of a packed room and tens of thousands of BeIn Sport viewers, the speaker introduced the Group by announcing its recruitment policy with 3,000 positions to be filled in France, including 400 in Nantes and 1,200 in the Paris region. Rodolphe Justeau, Inetum's Director for the Centre and West regions of France, then had the honour of kicking off the event to the applause of the audience, among whom 70 clients and employees from Nantes and Paris who were invited by the Group, and who sat in VIP seats with access to the Inetum Executive Lounge.

Just before the start of the game, a special Escort Kids operation allowed 16 children of clients and employees to experience a very special moment by accompanying the players of the Capital onto the court. Léa, the winner of our #BestSupporter challenge, was also able to watch the players' warm-up from the edge of the court in the company of Daniel Narcisse. The former pillar of the PSG Handball team with many championship titles to his name gave her an autographed jersey before inviting her to celebrate the victory of the Parisians in the Inetum Executive Lounge.

Here is the #BestSupporter job offer that participants in the competition applied for in March this year:


Inetum, the European leader in digital services and solutions, is recruiting 3,000 people in France this year. As a Top Sponsor, we are also looking for the best Paris Saint-Germain Handball fan to become THE Inetum fan for the PSG HB vs HBC Nantes match. A unique chance to experience an exceptional event alongside Daniel Narcisse on Sunday, 13 March 2022 at the Stade Pierre de Coubertin (Paris 16)!

- Be the chosen one

The best Inetum supporter of Paris Saint-Germain Handball and his/her companion will be welcomed on the red carpet with VIP access to the Inetum Executive Lounge from 3pm.

- Make the most of it

During the warm-up, you’ll go up to the edge of the court and meet Daniel Narcisse. Chat with this Paris Saint-Germain Handball legend and expert – one of the most awarded athletes in French sport – and improve your knowledge in all areas of the game. Get really close to the players and encourage with your super-fan vibes, ride the atmosphere in the stadium, and cheer them on to final victory!

- And let it live on

After two 30-minute halves of intense play between the two top teams in the French Championship and at the highest level of European handball, you can go back to the Inetum Executive Lounge and enjoy the rest of the evening there. And at the end of it? Take home the memories of an experience that will stay with you for a long time!


With a higher education in clapping earned at the Paris Saint-Germain Handball fan school, or looking to retrain as a sports fan, you know the basics of team sports and have some experience already as a supporter – in a stadium or from your couch at home. You will get the chance to work with a variety of people in various roles, including seasoned sports aficionados.

Agile and enthusiastic, and are known for your people skills, positive attitude and team spirit. Your values are ours: solidarity, ambition, excellence, commitment, and innovation.

No matter where in France you’re located, try your luck! Inetum encourages mobility and will cover travel and accommodation expenses for candidates coming from outside the Paris region for this mission. 


See pictures of this great operation:

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