Observatoire du digital flow survey – Inetum x CSA ​

Observatoire du digital flow survey – Inetum x CSA ​

Inetum, in partnership with BFM Business and the CSA Institute, has conducted a study to understand the impact and expectations of managers and employees in the face of digitalization.


The new phase of the Covid-19 global crisis highlights the stakes of a digital transformation that has become a necessity for permanent adaptation, a need for constant renewal: the digital flow. Inetum, an expert in this field, wishes to offer to the greatest number of people effective keys to understanding societal changes and the evolution of digital, through a study, carried out with the CSA Institute, to compare the understanding and expectations of company managers and employees. 

The study was carried out on a representative sample of 1,005 working people aged 18 and over and 250 managers of companies with more than 10 employees. It identifies and analyzes the points of convergence or, on the contrary, the areas where these expectations diverge.

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