Google Alliance

Google Alliance​

Premier Google Cloud Partner Service and Resell, Premier Workspace Service and Resell

Inetum has developed a strategic partnership with Google, creating value with an end-to-end journey to Google Cloud, co-innovation and an industry solutions approach. From the design of your strategy to running your systems on Google cloud, Inetum specializes in Data and Application modernization, replatforming, migration and collaboration, WorkSpace and CyberSecurity.

Inetum can provide you a full range of services on Google technologies and covers BigQuery, Pub /Sub, DataFlow, Dataproc, Looker, Vertex AI, Anthos, Apigee, Google Workspace and Chronicle.

Our offerings

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  • Google Cloud journey :
    Based on Inetum’s “Cloud Fabric” methodology which respects Google “Rapid Assessment And Migration Program”, Inetum assets with stratozone, schedules migration path, creates the landingzone, migrates Google Cloud Platform workloads like Google Cloud VMWare Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine,… maintains workloads and optimizes costs and carbon consumption for their customers in several fields. 

  • Mainframe Z/OS and AS400 Modernization :
    Based on his historic knowledge and assets on Mainframe modernization, Inetum has migrated a Mainframe Z/OS to Google Cloud Platform for a retailer in France.

  • Security :
    Inetum reinforces his partnership on cybersecurity practice with Google Cloud and has implemented Chronicle for a bank.

  • Apigee :
    Inetum has developed offerings dedicated to Api Management Program from framing to deployment with Apigee. 
    And, for an operator telecom, Inetum has designed a services-oriented architecture based on Apigee and has deployed Apigee solution.

  • Hybrid Cloud and Anthos
    netum has developed for a cloud provider an offering called “Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos”. 

  • Backup and restore

  • SAP on GCP

Migrate to Big Query

Inetum develop skills and offerings to migrate Data and Functions from Teradata or Oracle to Big Query.

  • Inetum helps a retailer to modernize how to calculate theirs aggregates about theirs stores from his legacy data warehouse from Oracle to BigQuery

  • For an operator telecom, Inetum leads the data migration strategy from customers data warehouse Teradata to BigQuery, develops some scripts, approves the quality of the data and new functionalities and maintains the new software.

Migrate data from Hadoop to Google Cloud Data Platform

With strong skills on both stacks, Inetum takes in charge all the phasis of a shift-from-Hadoop-to-Google Cloud Platform project, from assessment of the existing to roll-out of the Google Cloud Data platform. For a bank, Inetum has studied all impacts (financial, skills, cybersecurity, …) of a migration from Hadoop to Google Cloud Data Platform.

Migrate data from SAP or Salesforce with Cortex Framework

With Google Framework Cortex, the data cloud journey can be accelerated with leading connectors, reference architectures, deployment accelerators and innovative solutions.

Business intelligence with Looker

More than just a modern business intelligence platform, Looker can turn on a self-service or governed BI, build custom applications with trusted metrics, or even bring Looker modeling to an existing BI environment.

  • Artificial Intelligence :
    With strong skills on computer vision, virtual reality, IoT for smart city offer, … Inetum uses ideation session and co-creation sessions to detect with customers, Google and Inetum teams the business challenges as well as the use cases that are currently unanswered. Then, with “Fail fast” methodology, Inetum develops and maintains the software.

  • GenAi :
    With strong skills on natural language algorithm like Palm 2, Inetum develops offerings on GenAi for each step of the GenAi journey : C-level Agenda, Readiness, Decision Support, Qualification, Experiment and Scale.

  • MLOps on Vertex Ai:
    Based on SRE methodology and organization and using skills on deploying and using vertex Ai, Inetum helps their customers to maintain there AI and GenAI.

Google workspace

Inetum assists its clients in the design, deployment, adoption, and maintenance of the Google Workspace platform through a customized, customer-focused approach.

  • Change management 
    • Data Migration from other Office and Mail solutions
    • User Support and training
  • AppSheet process automation
  • Duet AI support on Office task
  • Support to WorkSpace Users / licences / Setup Services
  • Backup

Inetum can provide services and deliver projects in the cybersecurity area: monitoring and incident response, hacking and auditing, turn-key projects.

  • Security Operations Center
    With SOC rooms in Madrid, Seville and Bilbao and a follow the sun center in Bogotá, Inetum can provide monitoring, incident response and security managed services. We are experts in SIEM/SOAR technologies.

  • Hacking Team
    Provides security audits, pentesting, ethical hacking, reversing, purple team services, DDoS attacks, Phishing campaigns, etc.

  • Delivery
    Inetum delivers cybersecurity turn-key projects in the following areas: Identity and Access Management, PKI and cryptography, Security GRC, IoT/OT security, endpoint protection, architecture security, cloud protection, communications security, etc.

Google Premier Partner

Premier Google Cloud Partner Service and Resell, Premier Workspace Service and Resell

Google is an strategic partner for Inetum.  Inetum is a Premier Partner for Service and resell on Google Cloud Platform and Workspace with local offices in Spain, France, Spain, Belgium, and Poland. Inetum has  the best team of certified consultants, providing all Google offerings. 

Specializations & Expertises

Partners with a Specialization have established a Google Cloud services practice, proven customer success, and are vetted by a third-party assessor.

Partners with Expertise have demonstrated proficiency and customer success in a specific industry, solution, or product.

By obtaining the Google specialization infrastructure service, Inetum demonstrated his capacity of moving to Google Cloud infrastructure in a secure way with proven success building customers infrastructures and workflows on Google Cloud.

About Google

Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube.​

With Google Cloud, businesses can develop new apps and experiences faster with open source, multicloud, and hybrid cloud ; enable smarter decision making across their organization with machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities ; transform how they connect and collaborate with a digital native Workplace integrating video calling, email, chat, and document collaboration apps ; build and invest in their cloud with confidence with protected data thanks to advanced security services, save money with innovative pricing, and run apps on the cleanest cloud in the industry.​