Medicines and Supplies Catalog


Your centralized catalogue of medicines and medical supplies

MyCatalog is a tool that loads all the information needed for medicines and medical supplies, manages it, and distributes to systems that need drug information.

It can use any external source of drug information: BOT, Vademecum, Digitalis, Ministerial catalogs, etc., to load commercial information on the product, dosages, drug prescription and advice for administering, drug prices, taxes and deductions, composition, notices…

The tool collects information from various sources and combines it to define the product in terms of clinical, economic and statistical information.

You can also group different brands with the same characteristics in a drug presentation to separate the clinical circuit from the storage or purchase circuit.

MyCatalog lets you define products and share it to any system or centre using stardard HL7.


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Benefits of having a unique catalogue to manage different sources

  • Equality in healthcare quality: Identical quality of healthcare information in large and small centres

  • Comprehensive clinical information on drugs increases patient safety during drug prescription and administration

  • Centralize purchases based on the consumption of all the hospitals that use the same catalogue

  • Reduce costs:    

    - avoid duplicate tasks

         - less pharmaceuticals thanks to centralized purchasing with a single catalogue

  • Data mining: dataWareHouse

  • Standardization

  • The standardization of the data facilitates benchmarking

  • Implantation time reduction of any system that uses medication

  • Each hospital exclusively maintains differentiating data

  • Communication between hospitals to share information


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Comprehensive product information - clinical, purchase and statistical

Advanced features for drugs increase the health security of the patient:

  • Usual, maximum and minimum dose by Route of Administration and / or Population Group
  • Usual dosage by weight, SC, mg / kg / min, by AUC
  • Special management of drugs with Narrow Margin characteristic, FFT, transdermal patches, High Risk, Renal Function
  • Data for statistics: DDD, Content, Fraction of the Pharmaceutical Form, TLD
  • Allergies
  • Intolerances

It includes information on drugs for hospital care and primary care.


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The concept of product hierarchy to make clinical and economic circuits independent:

  • Management of a mixed model:
    • Medical brands
    • Medical presentations: active ingredients + FF + GT + dose + UM
      • Main brand for consumption
      • Main brand for purchase
  • Clinical circuits are differentiated according to the speciality 
  • Transparency for the user before a change of specialty

Standardization of economic data for financial systems: price, taxes, deductions, laboratories…

Collects information that facilitates corporate data mining across the organization.


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