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A complete range of services from Business Consulting to Solution Integration and In-Service support that meet your challenges through our business and information systems expertise, powered by an industry 4.0 vision.

  1. Design collaboration process improvements and improve team productivity.
  2. Share a secure digital data continuity repository to build your Digital Twin usage benefits.
  3. Reduce risks on data governance, regulation and export control standards.
  4. Increase development capabilities of multiple product line variants to meet customer expectations.
  5. Ensure an extended, seamless and integrated PLM solution across disciplines with full product data and process traceability.

The impact of digital solutions throughout the lifecycle of industrial products

Industrial companies have always sought to develop and launch products that are innovative, robust and capable of meeting the needs of their customers. Competitiveness and agility plus a versatile manufacturing-engineering system are key requirements for companies to grow and thrive. Digital data and process repository technologies throughout the industrial product lifecycle contribute to achieve this. Inetum’s PLM service offering covers the entire product lifecycle and offers solutions integrating System Engineering and Requirements (ALM), Definition and Development Engineering (PLM) as well as Support and Service Engineering (SLM).

A digital continuity strategy of single, central, shared and trusted access to product data repositories requires the right use of PLM and related business processes. It is the backbone source of reliable data on which business applications – simulations, digital twins, AR/VR, collaborative design, eBOM-mBOM-sBOM chain, etc. – are built.

Thanks to ‘design cockpit tower’ capabilities, modern PLM systems allow real-time monitoring of the entire development chain. Development activities are controlled to shorten time-to-market and enhance customer satisfaction with agile and innovative continuous improvement.

IS PLM costs can be optimised by making the PLM system evolve along the product cycle to include new innovative capabilities, while keeping it open to enterprise process optimisation. A cost-based implementation approach guarantees reduced maintenance and upgrading costs to maximise software vendor support and solution compatibility.

The strength of today’s PLM lies in collaboration across all business layers (multidiscipline, multidomain, extended enterprise …). Creating a core repository based on integrated IS-IT solutions that support local business specificities is the key to digital continuity.

Digital continuity is the next step towards aligning products with customer expectations. New xLM solutions should integrate system-based definition and requirement management in the design and development process. A closer loop between quality management systems and service level management is key to shorten the development cycle and produce the right product first time.  

In today’s constantly changing environment and global, interconnected market, products are becoming smart, traceable and compliant with increasingly complex standards and new customer requirements. This shift towards Industry 4.0 and the improvement of industrial processes requires control of the enterprise data repository.

Inetum's Differentiators

  • PLM IS architecture capabilities in services integration
  • Data-governance and digital-continuity expertise
  • Digital strategy and transformation impact analysis
  • PLM best-in-breed digital and data market solution skills
  • Crosscutting Business Consulting, IS Integration and in-Service support approach
  • SAFe-certified Consultant Team (Scaled Agile Framework).

Our solutions

Analyse all PLM steps, from engineering to manufacturing, define data configuration, analyse PLM usage in a collaborative business environment, and improve collaborative performance by monitoring and implementing process accelerators.

Implement and customise complex integrated PLM solutions to fit your enterprise system – product-line governance and storage, engineering domain integration, simulation and validation process traceability, manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 digital chain continuity.

Define and implement value-oriented solutions in line with new Industry 4.0 standards. Make your enterprise data repository compatible with any digital-twin usage, including virtualisation experience (AR/VR).

•    Define, specify and build a best-in-breed PLM solution.
•    Improve, integrate and automate PLM processes.
•    Integrate all authoring systems that contribute to PLM processes.
•    Comply with regulations, standards and export controls with data from the source.

Implement our PLM IS Solution to integrate, share and distribute design activities in a secured environment.

Answer questions on traceability throughout the contribution chain whatever the domain – System, SW, HW, etc. – by building a trusted data repository and aggregating all digital twin information.

Services catalogue

  • PLM data management performance diagnosis and improvement plan definition
  • Business-oriented Proof-of-Value implementation and ROI qualification
  • Product Digital Continuity implementation across business layers
  • Product Line management solution design
  • System and requirement engineering integration
  • xLM (PLM-ALM-SLM) business-strategy vision
  • Master Data Management and Enterprise Data Governance
  • Export Control and Regulations diagnosis and deployment
  • AR/VR and Digital Twin adoption
  • Cultural change management and training
  • Design simulation integration
  • PLM Fast Upgrade and Migration Factory
  • Solution benchmark and Proof-of-Concept implementation
  • PLM IS integration and Core Model implementation and validation
  • PLM strategic and operational roadmap system integration
  • Digital Twin platform integration in crosscutting IS approach
  • Authoring system integration in central PLM data repository
  • PLM IoT integration and data analytics
  • PLM 4.0 innovation lab
  • In-Service support and AMS+