Do You Speak AI?

Do You Speak AI?

Acculturate your employees to Artificial Intelligence to imagine the future

A journey of discovery into the world of AI, for the teams that are at the heart of your company's business.

Engage your employees in multiple learning experiences through a digital training path, exchanges with experts and ideation workshops.

Learn, understand, appropriate and transform

What is the added value for you?

A deployment and a course built for you and with you according to your objectives and your audience: the content, the format, the rhythm, the interactions... everything is adjustable to ensure the success of this deployment within your teams

Get your Teams speaking the same language to accelerate exchanges and value creation.

A rhythmic and adapted programme which, beyond learning, encourages reflection, exchanges and creativity around business subjects.

Blended Learning as a means of ensuring greater educational effectiveness, including interaction on forums, quizzes, challenges and exchanges with experts.

A pedagogical angle focused on the explanation of key concepts, explained in a simple manner that can be understood by all the players in the company: definitions, pictorial explanations, examples of use cases from everyday life, etc.

Bonus content dedicated to social issues such as AI and ethics, operational use cases, best practices for your AI projects...

So much content to accelerate learning, appropriation and curiosity. 

A format that allows your employees to train according to their availability, their learning styles and at their own pace, from a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

More than just digital training

Why is Do You Speak AI different?

Whether it is deployed to all or part of your employees, DYSAI allows you to create awareness and a real individual and collective dynamic around the subject of Artificial Intelligence. The animation set up during its deployment encourages involvement, exchanges and creativity in the service of your company's challenges.

Integrating use cases from everyday life in the digital course and use cases from your business sector during the exchanges with our experts, the adventure is above all focused on the potential impacts of AI on the challenges and business of each client. To enable the detection of use cases through an agile and innovative approach that encourages ideation.

From training, to the creation of the solution, through the detection of use cases and the setting up of a high-performance AI team, we are able to support you throughout the process.

2 training courses: a "discovery" and an "expert" course adapted to each person's needs, training modules grouping the concepts by major theme (Data, Algorithm...), 5 to 10 minutes to understand and grasp each concept... everything is designed for quick and fun learning.

Through the forum, the masterclass, meetings with experts, participants are presented with multiple opportunities to ask questions, interact, challenge...

A real experience for your employees

To know more....

A well-tested system for accelerated results


Tailor-made animation to achieve your objectives and respect your corporate culture: communicating to maintain motivation and identify a community, animating the forum to stimulate sharing and creation, challenges to bring people together... 


A virtual meeting to join the adventure and learn the key notions. An operational dive into the heart of the concepts, to discover, understand and launch into the experience. 


Discover and appropriate the key concepts presented in a synthetic and detailed manner through a course combining podcasts, videos, definitions, quizzes and meetings with our experts. The digital course is accessible on an Learning Management System platform in an easy and fun format: a PC, a tablet, a doesn't matter, the content and the quizzes are accessible whenever you want. 


A half-day workshop in small groups to move from the abstract to the concrete. To continue and accelerate the appropriation of the concepts, one-hour virtual meetings led by our experts are organised according to a rhythm defined with you. The time for detailed explanations, presentations of use cases and answers to your questions live on the basis of a dynamic animation to iterate, develop and create using real use cases. 

"Do You Speak AI?", an offer deployed worldwide

Key figures

+ 10K
People trained
85 %
Average attendance 
87 %
Quizzes completed successfuly
+ 20K
Likes & comments
+ 300
Use cases detected

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National Company of Rhone

Speak the same language.

Its teams discovered new uses of Data and AI, following the Do You Speak AI course, combining digital modules and discussions with our experts.
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