Intensive automation office

Intensive automation office

Service automation regression testing of critical applications

We are specialists in the implementation of services focused on test automation with a focus on securing applications in production environments. This allows an automation strategy not tied to projects but to the critical applications that support our clients' businesses.

This approach allows you to start building automated tests from day one and without the need for the status and progress of the projects, on the contrary, it will be the Projects and Maintenance teams, who use these automatic scripts throughout their development cycle, providing value key in these projects, since they can know with the desired frequency if their developments are negatively affecting current functionalities in production.

This type of testing can be complemented with the automation of tests associated with new projects or maintenance, which will feed the set of automatic regression tests

Any organization that implements this automation strategy will achieve the following benefits: IT IS ALWAYS TESTED. Any functional change in the applications or change in the infrastructure will have associated automatic tests that can be executed at any time, providing very valuable information for decision-making.

  • REDUCED COSTS. The execution of these tests is unattended, with a maintenance cost associated with the executions and a high ROI compared to manual tests. We are talking about running hundreds of thousands of tests a year with teams smaller than 5 people versus teams 5 times larger, if these tests had to be done manually.
  • DEADLINES ARE MET. We are not only talking about being able to test against any change, we are talking about finishing the tests on time in all cases, complying with the “Time to Market” of our business.
  • GUARANTEE CONTINUOUS DELIVERIES IN PIPELINES DEVOPS, in this way we ensure that continuous deliveries comply with automatic quality doors.