Inetum intends to accompany the change in the long term

Inetum intends to accompany the change in the long term

Inetum is the new name of an integrated international group with 27,000 talents in 26 countries. It is the result of a consolidation of many structures, integrating a wide portfolio of solutions to support the transformation of organizations. From Luxembourg, Inetum's teams will continue to develop digital solutions for document and information flow management, while developing local services to better support their customers.


By adopting a new name, Gfi intends to mark a new stage in its development and to assert new ambitions for the future. Inetum is the result of a long process of growth, involving numerous acquisitions and the integration of a diversity of companies and solutions internationally. The new name is now that of a group with 27,000 employees in 26 countries on all continents. It brings together numerous services and a vast portfolio of 150 offerings enabling any organization to meet the challenges of the future.

Constantly adapting

Inetum is part of the post-digital transformation era. The idea is that digital transformation should no longer be seen as a one-off project, but rather as a long-term, evolving and personalized support. In a constantly changing world where needs and uses are constantly being reinvented, the adaptation process must also be adapted to meet the challenges of the business in each organization. It is an agile mastery of this Positive Digital Flow that allows everyone to continuously adapt to the world around them, in the service of performance and the positive impact of companies, organizations and institutions on women and men in society.

To achieve this, Inetum brings together a wide range of expertise, services and solutions, from the management of IT systems hosting to the deployment and integration of new advanced solutions. "Being innovative means proposing solutions that not only respond to a given issue or problem, but that do so in a different way and that have not always been explored before," explains Vincent Rouaix, Inetum's CEO. Our ambition is for our solutions to bring real advances compared to what exists on the market. We want to help our customers stand out from their competitors, thanks to original, intelligent ideas that respond perfectly to the extremely changing needs of the end user. That's what our customers expect: to find a partner who is invested in the long term to understand the digital flow."

New dynamics

This value proposition allows everyone, as well as the group, to take advantage of new opportunities, in Luxembourg as well as elsewhere in the world.

In the Grand Duchy, more specifically, Inetum is the publisher of several solutions, including a unified electronic document management tool and a SWIFT message orchestration solution. "The dynamic that we are putting in place at the group level should allow us to reinforce the expertise present in Luxembourg. The electronic document management solution, known in the past as R-FLOW, is now considered a reference application in the Group's portfolio. The challenge, therefore, is to be able to offer it, once the need has been identified, throughout the Group and at the same time to explore the possibilities of better integrating it with other solutions offered by the Group, including several ERPs, CRMs, PLMs, etc." explains Christian Kelders, General Manager at Inetum in Luxembourg.

International ambition, local approach

In this context, a new dynamic has been put in place. In order to meet the new international ambitions of the Group, the Luxembourg teams are participating in the implementation of new synergies with the other Inetum entities worldwide.

On the other hand, in Luxembourg, Inetum's teams are willing to get closer to the market players to allow them to access new opportunities and to engage in a permanent and efficient transformation process. "Our Luxembourg clients can now access a wide range of expertise and solutions, developed by Inetum or accessible through solid partnerships with major international players. This allows us to respond to a variety of issues," continues Christian Kelders. For example, the group's integration effort gives us access to expertise and solutions for the KYC/AML issues faced by players in the financial sector, or to SAP skills to help customers with their migration. Inetum's ambition is to serve a wide variety of players, in various sectors, from healthcare to banking, including industry 4.0, defense, cyber security, omni-commerce, or even anything in the public sphere, such as city transformation."

Growing with desire

Behind the name Inetum (a contraction of the Latin word "incrementum" meaning "growth"), the Group asserts its entrepreneurial, ambitious and winning spirit. This growth is reflected in a closer relationship with its customers in its various markets, a real understanding of their needs, and greater agility in the way it responds to them. It also involves an innovative approach. Through its FabLab, Inetum affirms its will to contribute to the emergence of new models by experimenting with new uses linked to technology, in various sectors.

To meet the ambitions of its new strategic plan UPSCALE23, Inetum will continue to grow. The teams in Luxembourg in charge of application development, which are responsible for the unified electronic document management solution and the one dedicated to the orchestration of SWIFT transactions, will grow considerably. The sales team, on the other hand, has already been strengthened and is also expected to grow in the coming months. The local management: Christian Kelders - Luxembourg General Manager, Sandrine Monfort - Chief Operating Officer and Eric Fornacciari - Sales Manager remain in place to ensure the development of the Group in the region.

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