Smart Factory

Smart Factory

A SAP Qualified Partner Package Solution

An accelerator to meet the major challenges during a transition to the smart factory.


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Do you want to improve the relationship with your customers, better manage your production and be able to react in real time to various hazards?

Thanks to the recognized expertise of our consultants in the industrial sector, more than a hundred industrial clients have called on Inetum to support them in their journey towards the smart factory.

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These numerous projects have made it possible to identify the following main expected challenges:

Have flexible factories to meet industrial reorganization needs

Connect IT and OT with tools adapted to the needs of factories

Collect production data to manage the manufacturing process in real time

Improve operator productivity

Implement the first technological bricks associated with Industry 4.0

To meet these challenges, Inetum has developed SAP Qualified Partner-Package Smart Factory By Inetum solution.

SAP Qualified-Partner Package Smart Factory By Inetum solution, tangible benefits to optimize the performance of your operations:

With this solution, we bring concrete benefits to our customers such as:

The implementation of SAP Qualified-Partner Package Solution Smart Factory By Inetum allows a disillotage of the IT and the OT at the level of each factory. Associated with the integration of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud , all of the information collected at the plant level is uploaded to the cloud in order to allow management as close as possible to the performance of operations.

Inetum recognized SAP expertise:

In order to meet the challenges of digital transformation associated with improving industrial performance, Inetum is based on 2 strong assets:

  • The conversion package to S / 4 HANA called GO2S4 HANA *
  • The Smart factory package by Inetum to facilitate shopfloor connectivity.

An effective methodology:

Inetum offers a structured and agile approach to ensure the completion of a first pilot in production after 9 months.

A first step towards the industrialization of the solution and of course a constant logic of continuous improvement.

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