Just implementing AI is not sufficient for success.

Just implementing AI is not sufficient for success.

Interview with Marek Pokorski, CEO of Inetum Poland.

The IT market is entering a phase of stabilization after a period of dynamic growth. Companies are focusing on cost optimization and seeking savings. The importance of #AI and process automation is increasing. What challenges and opportunities are facing Polish IT companies in this context?


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We recommend an interview with Marek Pokorski, General Manager of Inetum Poland, in which he talks about:


  • Adapting Inetum Poland to market changes by focusing on key services such as data processing with AI elements, IT optimization, IoT, and ecosystems like SAP, ServiceNow and Salesforce.
  • Building a local presence in Western European markets.
  • Offering solutions in cost optimization and AI implementation.
  • Collaborating with global partners such as Microsoft, SAP, and Salesforce.
  • Emphasizing the building of enduring customer relationships based on trust.
  • Discover how Inetum Poland is helping companies succeed in the era of AI!
Interview in Polish - #GenAI will help with translation if needed 😉


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