CNDA certification for its Horus solution

CNDA certification for its Horus solution

Inetum confirms its expertise in the healthcare sector with CNDA certification for its Horus solution

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Inetum's Horus solution has been certified by CNDA (Centre National de Dépôt et d’Agrément). The solution is a national reference in healthcare data-sharing software provided by partner vendors. With this solution for Departmental Councils’ PMI (mother-and-child healthcare protection) agencies, Inetum consolidates its commitment to the countrywide programme “Ma Santé 2022” for a profound transformation of the healthcare system with digital technology as a lever of positive impact for all.

“Ma Santé 2022”, an answer to new challenges in the healthcare sector

The healthcare, social and medical-social sectors are currently undergoing major changes with significant digitalization projects on a national scale. Supported by the government, the “Ma Santé 2022” programme promotes greater cooperation between healthcare professionals in the interest of patients.

With its Horus solution, Inetum, a leader in digital services and solutions, undertakes to roll out more efficient business solutions for Departmental Councils thanks to a roadmap that includes information-system interoperability which is a cornerstone of the “Ma Santé 2022” project. 

Inetum has over 40 years of experience in the public sector and healthcare and has developed solid expertise in meeting the challenges of digitizing and simplifying public healthcare services.

Inetum Software's Horus solution for mother and child protection

The PMI service is a service of the Departmental Council to protect the health of mothers and children from birth to the age of 6. More than 60 PMI agencies are already equipped with the Horus solution, which is used by nearly 10,000 healthcare professionals working in centralised or regional offices – doctors, midwives, nurses, marriage and family counsellors, etc.

Their services include home visits, prenatal or postnatal consultations, health check-ups in nursery schools, and marital or family counselling. Horus enables PPMIs to keep updated medical records of mothers-to-be and children, as well as patients received at the Sexual Health Centre (CSS).

As part of its CNDA certification process, the Horus solution underwent the necessary developments to integrate the use of the INSi remote medical assistance service provided by national Health Insurance, and to ensure a simple, ergonomic and largely automated use for mother-and-child care professionals.

The INS-compatible Horus suite is an extension of Inetum's solution to meet the specific challenges of INS (the French National Health Identifier), which is one of the core projects of the digital healthcare roadmap. The project is based on ProSanté Connect (PSC) authentication to strengthen secure access and sharing of medical information, both for the protection of patients’ identity and for the authentication of professionals handling health data.

A further step towards paperless patient records

The implementation of an E-Health technical base backed by innovative services in the Horus ecosystem will strengthen the place of the user at the heart of the medico-social system, contributing its full potential to current projects and future opportunities such as the “MaSanté2022” programme: integration with the digital healthcare portal “Mon Espace Santé”, uploading of documents in the Shared Medical Record, and interoperability with the PMI's Secure Health Messaging (MSSanté) service for secure communication with users.

The strengthened security of access to documents and healthcare data in Horus patient records via ProSanté Connect guarantees a strong authentication system for professionals (in compliance with the electronic identification reference system for health professionals in PGSSI-S[1]).

Serge-Alexis Caumon, Managing Director of Inetum's Public Sector division, says, "The certification of our Horus solution will enable us to make significant progress in transforming the French healthcare system and adhering to the ‘Ma Santé 2022’ roadmap. By integrating the needs for system interoperability, Inetum helps to increase citizens' trust in the processing of their health data. Inetum intends to make digital flow a performance factor in e-healthcare in France.” 

According to Martin Hubert, General Manager of Inetum Software,Inetum has been serving the public sector and its stakeholders for many years. With its Horus solution, Inetum once again demonstrates its willingness to help local authorities and public healthcare services control their digital flow and address constantly changing needs and uses. This certification confirms our expertise in improving patient care and the healthcare system in general thank to new technologies.

[1] General Security Policy for Health Information Systems

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