GenAI : Inetum choosen by Est Ensemble

GenAI : Inetum choosen by Est Ensemble


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Territorial public establishment Est Ensemble (Greater Paris metropolitan area) has selected Inetum, a leader in digital services and solutions, to optimize its operational and administrative processes. GenAI will facilitate the processing of tender applications.

Inetum has been selected to develop and operate AI-generative technologies for public institution Est Ensemble agents. Among the main functionalities developed by Inetum for the establishment, the solution includes automatic verification of the candidate's eligibility (certification etc.), the completion of his or her file, assistance in evaluating the relevance of the answers submitted, and the drafting of an objective rating commentary. 

In a second phase, the tool will be upgraded to facilitate the comparison of bidders' responses to each of the defined criteria. Eventually, a chatbot will also be provided to enable public-sector employees to query bidders' responses directly, thus avoiding tedious manual document searches.    

By offering a GenAI tool that evaluates the relevance of bids in just a few dozen minutes, as opposed to the usual several days, lnetum provides Est Ensemble with the opportunity to accelerate and simplify the processing of contract award procedures, freeing its agents up from time-consuming tasks in favor of more engaging, value-added tasks in the service of users.

Normann Hodara, CEO of Inetum France: "Thanks to our solid expertise in GenAI, the Est Ensemble public authority is transforming itself quickly and easily to offer a high-performance public service. We're delighted to be able to help them make such an impact, both for their staff and for users."       

Grégory Jacob, Deputy Director General of Resources at Est Ensemble: "The development of generative AI is a real opportunity to optimize our internal processes. Inetum's support in this area will enable us to simplify and accelerate the processing of responses to calls for tender. This collaboration is an illustration of our commitment to digital transformation in order to offer an efficient public service that is accessible to all."

The solution should be in place by the summer, for operational implementation before the end of 2024.

About Inetum           

Inetum is a European leader in digital services. The team of 28,000 consultants and experts at Inetum strives every day to make a digital impact on businesses, public sector entities, and society. Inetum's solutions aim to contribute to the performance and innovation of its clients, as well as to the general interest. Present in 19 countries with a dense network of centers, Inetum collaborates with the main software manufacturers to face the challenges of digital transformation with proximity and flexibility. Driven by its ambition for growth and expansion, Inetum generated a turnover of 2,500 million euros in 2023.

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